Flow NFT Marketplace: NBA Top Shot NFT Collection and the Power of Blocto

Flow NFT marketplace

Learn why the hottest NFT programs are migrating from Ethereum to Flow NFT marketplace and how to display your NFT collections on Flow using Blocto!

NFT programs migration to Flow NFT Marketplace

Every iteration of the blockchain aspires to exceed its predecessor.

Launched in July 2015, Ethereum started to gain traction among decentralized application (Dapp) developers and thrived to become the largest and the most robust blockchain. As the pioneer in the functional form of smart contracts which Dapp providers can code on, the Ethereum blockchain achieved what the Bitcoin blockchain fail to provide and successfully catalyzed Web3, a decentralized internet in emergence. However, the boom in Ethereum Dapps leads to a rapid increase in on-chain transactions. Although Ethereum can confirm transactions more efficiently than the Bitcoin blockchain, the spike in the smart contracts Dapps built upon has become the primary cause of Ethereum network congestion.

Despite its crucial role in blockchain history, the throughput of Ethereum became inadequate for the high volume of transactions made in Dapps. This inadequacy in scalability was exposed when the NFT pioneer Dapper Labs brought CryptoKitties—one of the earliest and most popular NFT games—to Ethereum in 2017. As the game’s play-to-earn business model sparked public interest in NFT programs and reshaped the mainstream’s perception of the potential of digital assets with CryptoKitties being sold for over $12 million, the lack of throughput on Ethereum for the NFT game led to network congestion, and consequently to rocketing gas fee.

To avoid the slow execution and soaring gas fee that plagues NFT programs on Ethereum, Dapper Labs launches its layer-1 blockchain—Flow. Running on a Proof-of-Stake protocol that specifies the works of different nodes, the Flow blockchain manages to cut down the total time of calculations and considerably reduce the transaction fee. Based on Flow’s success, Dapper Labs brings its signature game CryptoKitties to Flow and partners with the National Basketball Association to launch NBA Top Shot, which features NFT collectibles of video highlights on Flow. NBA Top Shot is now one of the favorites among NFT collectors.

Where to find NFT collections on Flow

In recognition of Flow’s mission to create a developer-friendly environment for building Dapps, NFT projects covering various sectors of sports, art, music, and other entertainment activities join the Flow ecosystem. Along with NBA Top Shot, you can now find the top Flow NFT collections on BloctoBay!

BloctoBay, a Flow NFT marketplace, allows you to buy and sell a wide variety of Flow NFTs, including xtingles for ASMR soundscapes, Jambb for comedy show videos, and Matrix World for Metaverse real estate, to name a few. All the NFTs on BloctoBay are officially licensed products, and we check the listing of all the NFTs, so you have no fear of counterfeits. Furthermore, Blocto subsidizes all the gas fee on BloctoBay, which means your trade is completely free! BloctoBay is a treasure house for you to discover your next gem. Pay a visit to find something you fancy, and keep an eye on the best offers for the rarest collectibles with the lowest mint numbers! 🔗 Step-by-Step BloctoBay Guide

In addition to BloctoBay, you can open your Blocto wallet, go to “Wallet” at the bottom, and click on “Collectibles” to explore different NFT series. Add an NFT collection tab and find the social media links to learn more about the latest NFT drops on official sites. You can also filter search for NFT collectibles if you own more than five different collections.

Showcase NFT collections in your Blocto wallet

To showcase your NFT collections, click on “Collectibles” in your Blocto wallet to view your NFTs. Display all the collectibles you got from BloctoBay or NFT drops on official sites! What’s more, Blocto supports the Ethereum blockchain, which means you can display Ethereum NFTs like Axie Infinity along with your Flow NFTs!