Dapps and How Do Dapp Browsers Work

how do dapp browsers work

What are the differences between Dapps & apps & What is a Dapp browser?

What are Dapps?

Dapps (decentralized applications) provide the same functionality as regular apps. A user may not feel the differences between a Dapp and a classic app because the interfaces look pretty much the same. However, Dapps run on a distributed peer-to-peer network, aka blockchain, where data is spread across multiple nodes operated by different users. Since data is recorded on thousands of separate computing devices, a blockchain like Ethereum moves beyond the custodianship of a single central server, with no person or organization having control over the network.

Despite Bitcoin’s initiation of blockchain architecture, Ethereum was the first to bring out the potential of blockchain. As the pioneer in the functional form of smart contracts that Dapp developers can code upon, Ethereum laid the foundation for a blockchain ecosystem of web utilization and interaction. From the day of Ethereum’s launch, developers have kept building on Ethereum and found success in Ethereum-based Dapps. Meanwhile, other projectors reference Ethereum’s open-source codes in creating the next generation’s blockchains of higher performance. For example, both Solana and Flow increase the throughput of transactions to accelerate the execution and reduce the gas fees Dapps charges, gaining traction among Dapp suppliers and users searching for chains faster than Ethereum.

How Dapps benefit developers & users

So, why should we shift to Dapps if there are available apps for financial services, social networkings, and entertainment?

The main reason is the element of decentralization shared by every Dapp. As formerly mentioned, all operational records in a Dapp are also stored on a blockchain. Data and records are kept transparent for all to see, yet encryption methods protect sensitive information so it won’t get into the wrong hands.

To developers, Dapps provide more flexibility in software development. Because all the application codes are open-source, they can easily adopt the existing codes to build smart contracts without investing time and effort in creating original frameworks. In most cases, Dapp developers upload codes on developer platforms like GitHub for other Dapps to integrate and scale their user bases. Blocto, as a cross-chain crypto wallet, also provides open-source payment SDKs for in-app integration.

In addition, consensus protocols automize the validation of transactions, saving transaction time and operation costs. Solana boasts a theoretical limit of 65,000 transactions per second (TPS) among the blockchains with the highest throughputs. Its speed easily surpasses Visa, which processes an average of 1,700 TPS and can theoretically handle 24,000 TPS. Although most blockchains are not as fast as Solana, the record still sheds some light on crypto transactions’ huge potential.

To users, Dapps are resistant to censorship. Dapps run independently on smart contracts, which allow users to complete transactions without intermediaries. Against internet companies and online banks that make money out of your daily trades or web data, Dapps automatically executes operations when on-chain conditions are met, tackling the issues of surcharges and data breaches in centralized finance. Furthermore, key encryption in crypto transactions provides access to crypto services while letting you stay pseudonymous using wallet addresses. In a transaction, the counterparties’ identities are masked by public keys/wallet addresses. The receiver needs to use the private key to decrypt the data encrypted with the sender’s public key to receive the digital asset.

Despite the benefits Dapps bring, beginners may still have difficulties accessing Dapps, which hinders mass adoption. Blocto was founded with the ultimate goal to make Dapps accessible to everyone. As the blockchain people, we’d like to invite you to explore the blockchain world in our App!

Blocto is a browser/cross-chain wallet that allows you to explore Dapps

Blocto App simultaneously serves as a cross-chain crypto wallet and a Dapp browser that allows you to interact with various blockchain applications. Besides accessing Dapps and NFTs on different blockchains, you can use USDC, USDT, and DAI to interact with the Dapps on Ethereum in our app directly.

To explore Dapps on different blockchains, you must first download Blocto App. Blocto is available for Android and iPhonePlease choose the version compatible with your cell phone, and click “Discover” at the bottom to enter our Dapp browser. 

You can either enter a keyword or URL to find information about specific applications. Or, click on the tabs below to explore Dapps ranging from decentralized finance to decentralized social networks. 

1. Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

If you are an active crypto investor or have been interested in crypto, exploring Dapps in this category supports your crypto learning. To begin, you can browse through decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to optimize crypto trades. Find our DEX BloctoSwap here, which supports crypto-to-crypto transactions, liquidity mining, and cross-chain transfers.

If you go for low-risk crypto investments, visit the staking platforms like Blocto Token Staking and Flow Staking to stake your holdings. And try out crypto lending and blockchain lottery if you are a risk-taker willing to bear some risk (after careful evaluations) to win big rewards!

2. Crypto Game

NFT collectors and gamers can find their favorites in this category! Play with NFT games and visit NFT marketplaces, including our Flow-based marketplace—BloctoBay! Purchase & sell NFT collectibles of the hottest NFT collections!

3. Decentralized social networks & communities

If you are a talker who likes to share your insights on blockchain technology, why not share some content on decentralized social networks like Peepeth? Decentralized forums are the right places for you to find an audience!

Also, join the Blocto DAO community to vote on our governance issues! The result of community polls will be directly integrated into Blocto’s operations. Stake your $BLT to become our stakeholder and vote!