Meet the Top 10 ERC-4337 Projects to Watch in 2023, Pt. 1

meet the top 10 ERC-4337 projects to watch in 2023

Calling all developers! Are you ready to meet the top 10 ERC-4337 projects to watch in 2023? 

Part 1 of this two-part article series will introduce Biconomy, Etherspot, Safe (formerly Gnosis Safe), Argent, and Blocto. These projects have been advocating as long-time proponents of ERC-4337, diligently implementing account abstraction services and solutions, building intricate SDKs that provide infrastructure for ERC-4337, or anywhere in between– which is why we believe they are worth mentioning.

However, just because a project wasn’t mentioned in this article does not mean that they are not building something amazing. As account abstraction continues to trend in the Ethereum ecosystem, we know there won’t be a shortage of groundbreaking ERC-4337 projects. Who knows, you may find your project in Part 2 of this series! 

But for now, let’s get back to this article– starting with a brief introduction to ERC-4337 and why it’s a game changer for widespread crypto adoption, before we introduce the top projects.

Intro to ERC-4337

ERC-4337 is a newly deployed Ethereum standard that enables account abstraction for the EVM ecosystem. ERC-4337 essentially removes the need for consensus-layer protocol changes. Alternatively, it establishes a higher-layer pseudo-transaction object known as an UserOperation, which can be sent into a separate mempool and then “bundled” into a transaction for a handleOps call to a contract, ultimately being added in a block. Furthermore, Account abstraction supports decentralization–a vital notion for Web3–through enabling any bundler to participate in account-abstracted user operations, access to a public mempool, and trust among bundlers.

Additionally, account abstraction aids in the proliferation of smart contract wallets, as opposed to traditional EOAs, paving the way for more customized wallets using arbitrary verification logic. Imagine wallets with a safety net for self-custody, enhanced security, and a seamless user experience like never before– these benefits are sure to pave the way for more widespread adoption. For a further introduction on ERC-4337 and account abstraction, you can take a deep dive into this comprehensive article.

Now, let’s introduce the top ERC-4337 projects to watch in 2023!


Biconomy is a Web3 company focused on simplifying the development of dApps through their easy-to-use plug & play APIs, SDKs, and other blockchain-enabled infrastructure that leverages account abstraction, enabling devs with the tools to build seamlessly. Some of their other key features include gasless transaction fees, multi-currency support, cross-chain transfers, and a non-complex user interface. Biconomy’s goal is to create Web3 products and solutions that are intuitive and simple to use as legacy Web2 products and solutions, ultimately by solving the pain points at the blockchain transaction layer.


Etherspot is a blockchain development framework for EVM-compatible chains that creates bridges to provide a smooth user experience across chains and wallets and deliver a simple Web3 UX that enables quick onboarding of new users. Their account abstraction SDK enables a multi-chain self-custody smart contract wallet platform and a plethora of other customized use cases that cater to both devs and dApps. Etherspot’s key features are transaction batching, payment hubs, P2P transfers, smart contract management, and meta-transactions.

If you want to learn more about the future of ERC-4337, check out Ep. 1 of Blocto’s ER-See You 4337 Series featuring the Blocto team, Ahmed (CEO of Biconomy), and Keiran (Head Engineer of Etherspot).

Safe (formerly Gnosis Safe) 

Safe, or also known as Gnosis Safe, is an EVM-compatible decentralized custody protocol and collective asset management platform on Ethereum. Their signature product is a multi-signature and multi-chain smart contract wallet, derived from its predecessor, the Gnosis Multisig solution, which is used by both individuals and enterprises to secure their assets with multiple private keys. The project is managed via a DAO protocol and its native governance token, SAFE, which can be used to vote on the direction and development of the Safe project.


Argent is one of the safest and simplest account abstraction wallets for the Ethereum ecosystem, enabling users to access the immense potential of Web3. Key features of the Argent Wallet include account recovery tools, zkSync integration, daily limits, easy-to-read addresses, integration with third-party platforms like Compound, and access to MakerDAO and Kyber Network. Ultimately, Argent’s goal is to improve the user experience for crypto wallets because, if you’ve been in the Web3 space, you know the lack of user-friendly wallets has been a serious detriment to widespread adoption.


Since 2019, Blocto has been an industry leader of account abstraction with the far-reaching goal of simplifying user onboarding and reducing the complexities of accessing Web3. Blocto Wallet will soon be ERC-4337 compatible including the core elements of Paymaster, Bundler, and Aggregator. Being a smart contract wallet will enable users to access useful key features to unlock Web3 and take control of your assets, such as, but not limited to:

  • Social/email login
  • Gasless transactions
  • Payments with any ERC-20 assets
  • Multiple actions in one transaction layer

Blocto is committed to providing a seamless and user-friendly experience. The track record speaks for itself, as evident in the Blocto SDK for developers, the one-stop solution for a quick, seamless Web3 integration.

Compared to traditional wallet SDKs, the Blocto SDK has several advantages like frictionless user onboarding and no additional downloads, meaning users don’t need to experience complicated processes to create a wallet or downloading additional dApps and extensions to have a functioning dApp. Additionally, the Blocto SDK provides a freemium model for users via meta-transactions, enables the ability to pay with fiat or other crypto via integrated payment APIs, and supports both multi-chain and cross-device (web & mobile) compatibility,

End note

In summary, the top ERC-4337 projects for 2023–Biconomy, Etherspot, Safe, Argent, and Blocto–are leading the charge in implementing account abstraction and driving innovation in the Ethereum ecosystem. These projects offer enhanced security and seamless user experience via account abstraction, making them worthwhile for developers looking to build cutting-edge dApps to revolutionize the Web3 landscape. By exploring and leveraging the capabilities of these projects, developers can tap into the true potential of smart contract wallets in the EVM ecosystem, contribute to widespread adoption, and shape the future of the blockchain industry. 

Stay tuned for more groundbreaking projects in Part 2 of this series! While you wait, we encourage you to continue exploring the development of dApps in the Ethereum ecosystem–starting with OpenBlocto. Click here to join the waitlist!