Open-Source Culture: Blockchain Communities & DAOs

Open-Source Culture: Blockchain Communities & DAOs

Join crypto communities & become a member of BloctoDAO to propel the blockchain movement!

Open-source culture

Open-source projects are the backbone of the blockchain industry. But this fact has often been overlooked. Many are surprised when they learn that blockchain technology—an advanced theological field that boasts of immutability and security—is established on open-source code. Indeed, the decentralized production model initiated by open-source projects is beneficial for both crypto users and Dapp developers. In the community-based open-source culture, information is not exclusive but means to be shared among contributors. And the spirit to create multiple software variants to benefit users and get things done more cheaply and flexibly reshapes the conception of software as a property of exclusive ownership.

Bringing the core values of openness and decentralization to the playground of blockchain, the pioneers of open-source technology join forces to create a blockchain ecosystem where Dapps can prosper and proliferate. Linux, the open-source operating system that gained popularity throughout the 1990s, which Android has its kernel built upon (a trivia that few mobile phone users are aware of), started the Hyperledger project in 2015. The member-driven, not-for-profit program allows businesses to deploy Hyperledger technologies to build blockchain networks that support their needs. Receiving contributions from the leading corporations in the financial and technological sectors, Hyperledger can be regarded as a textbook example of decentralized networks of community governance.

Blockchain communities & DAOs

The ethos to increase software longevity through community collaboration and free Dapps from centralized ownership underpins the blockchain movement. Emerging from a collective identity of self-governance, DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) provide a new form of a company for blockchain users to contemplate.

In contrast to the businesses operated by the board of directors and senior managers, DAOs encourage the customers to take an equal part in the decision-making. In a DAO, community members use the shared language that encompasses unique jargon to communicate, and stakeholders and ordinary users team up with the biggest names in the blockchain industry to decide the company’s next moves.

No more is “company” a concept of centralized governance in the era of blockchain but refers to a group of people proceeding toward a larger goal as one.

Join BloctoDAO to create a bright future for the Blocto metaverse!

In Blocto’s expedition toward decentralized autonomy, we would love your company! Adhering to Blocto’s spirit of decentralization, we wish to have you in our governance DAO—BloctoDAO!

BloctoDAO is our first step forward to becoming a decentralized organization. At the end of 2020, we held our first poll to let Bloctopians vote on our governance issues, and the result of the community poll was directly integrated into Blocto’s operations. We expect to hold more governance polls in the future, and it will be great to have you paint the future of Blocto’s metaverse together. To become a DAO member, all you need is to own and stake Blocto’s governance tokens $BLT to participate in all stakeholder voting. The staking amount resembles the weight of your voting power.

Stake your $BLT to participate in the upcoming polls of BloctoDAO, where every piece of opinion counts! If you hope to befriend our company leaders, you could join our online Discord communities, where online events are held daily to boost the trust between Bloctopians and the Blocto team! You could gain free NFTs and cryptos from giveaway events and pop-up quizzes on Discord, a plus to your participation!