Speak Like an NFT/Crypto Native

speak like a crypto native

15 jargons you must know to sound like crypto native in the crypto discussions groups on Discord.

Welcome to Bloctopia!

No trade in the world does not have jargon, and NFT and crypto industries are no exception. New to an online blockchain community, a citadel where tech-savvy people express their enthusiasm for recent blockchain trends, you sure want to get involved in the passionate conversation, talking like an insider. However, the slang shared among NFT and crypto communities could be indecipherable to the untrained ear, and a newcomer may find it challenging to understand the remarks of seasoned blockchain investors.

That’s why we present to you 15 common jargons used by the blockchain society and crypto natives! Take a look below to become more proficient in the native language shared by the Blocto Discord community and major crypto forums!

1. GM/GN

The shorthand of “Good Morning” or “Good Night.” GM/GN to initiate a conversation or simply express your excitement for another beautiful day shared with global community members in the blockchain metaverse.

2. Ser

An alternative to “Sir.” Use Ser to address a buddy in the community. You also use Ser when sharing a counter opinion of an argument on the blockchain.

3. Mam

An alternative to “Ma’am.” A term to address a sister in the community works the same as Ser.

4. fren

The shorthand of “friend.” You use fren to address anyone in the crypto community since all community members are your friends and have the shared mission to make the blockchain ecosystem a better place.

5. szn

“Szn” means season, which refers to the market cycle. The szn of a cryptocurrency is shorter than that of a product in real life. And the szn of an NFT product is shorter than the szn of a cryptocurrency. The szn might last for 1-4 weeks.


“Do your own research.” 

All crypto investors should do their own research before making any investments. DYOR to find profitable crypto projects!


“Gonna Make it.” “We All Gonna Make It.” Used to express optimism in your investment decisions.

“Dogecoin is soaring today, WAGMI!”


“Not Going to Make It.” The contrary of GMI. You make a wrong investment decision and lose your money.

“Rug pulled by Squidcoin, NGMI.”

9. Drop

An NFT collection release is called a drop. The provider announces the exact date, time, and the minting price of an NFT drop for the collectors’ information. And purchase limits apply to the number of NFTs minted.

10. FCFS

“First come, first served.”

The earlier you queue up in the line of an NFT drop, the more likely you get an opportunity to purchase it online.

11. FUD

“Fear, uncertainty, and doubt.”

People out of the community may have FUD of crypto assets for not understanding how tokenomics work. Next time an outsider tells you NFT is but a bubble and gives negative expression to sway your faith on crypto tokens, you HODL your assets because it’s but advice out of FUD.

12. FOMO

“Fear of missing out.”

A FOMO buyer purchases an NFT because it may be the next big thing nobody wants to miss.

“I FOMOed into Phanta Bear and Bored Ape serum NFTs.”

13. Whale

“Whales” are substantial owners of a cryptocurrency. If “whales” sell a lot of the cryptocurrency they hold, it may cause a price crash for overwhelming supply.

14. Probably Nothing

It means its opposite, “Probably Something.”

When you see a fantastic new NFT collection, you say it is “probably nothing” to FOMO the other community members to buy.

15. HODL

“Hold on for dear life.”

HODL is a misspelling of hold originated in 2013 with a post sent by a drunk Bitcoin investor to the Bitcointalk forum. The misspelling had inspired a ton of HODL memes among crypto enthusiasts and has come to mean “hold on for dear life.”

Regardless of FUD outside the community, we HODL our tokens for the shared belief that they are gems. Cryptocurrencies may or may not eventually replace fiat money as the basis of all economic structures. Still, we HODL our crypto assets, chasing the mutual dream of a decentralized internet world with ultimate freedom.