Fully ERC-4337 Compatible: Introducing the Groundbreaking Smart Contract Wallet from Blocto

erc-4337 compatible smart contact wallet

Blocto’s fully ERC 4337-compatible smart contract wallet is now available and poised to be a game-changer for the account abstraction space.

We are excited to announce that the newly ERC 4337-compatible Blocto Wallet is officially ready for use!

Meticulously built with chain-agnostic account abstraction at the intersection between the grand vision of the Blocto team and the golden age of the EVM ecosystem, the newly ERC 4337-compatible Blocto Wallet is poised to revolutionize how users interact, manage, and create additional value in Web3.

Enabled by flexible account abstraction, Blocto’s ERC 4337-compatible wallet is the smart contract wallet for everyone–whether you’re a newcomer searching for their first crypto wallet or a seasoned crypto enthusiast seeking value in smart accounts. Delivering a highly intuitive UX and enhanced secure key rotation, Blocto’s ERC 4337-compatible wallet allows users to effortlessly access their wallets and engage dApps directly within their wallets, while knowing their private keys are safeguarded and restorable.

Key Features

In addition to an user-friendly UX and augmented security, the wallet is stuffed with features that will set the new industry standards for user flexibility and usability. These include easy-to-use social login, allowing users to simply login with their social accounts, and self-custody flexibility, giving users the option to securely explore Web3 with either custodial or non-custodial mode.

Additionally, get ready to experience not only a hassle-free paymaster experience that eliminates the trouble of gas fees, but also a seamless bundled transaction journey, which speeds up your transaction processes, so you can spend less time waiting and more time interacting with your favorite dApps. To learn more about “paymaster” and “bundling,” we recommend reading our thorough guide to account abstraction.

Benefits of a ERC 4337-Compatible Wallet

ERC 4337-compatible smart contract wallets have value for everyone–from users to developers. Learn more about the key benefits of Blocto’s ERC 4337-compatible wallet:

Improved gas management

Imagine a hassle-free paymaster experience. Now, get ready to experience it! Users can effortlessly manage gas fees using ERC-20 tokens or our versatile gas-fee solution, Blocto Points, with the convenience of a credit card or, even better, without spending a single penny.

Access Web3 in under 30 seconds

Remember how easy it is to login to your favorite sports streaming site using your Gmail account? That’s how easy it is for you to access Web3. Users can onboard with just a few steps: sign up with your email address and easily log in with your social media account. You can say goodbye to both complex processes that complicated blockchain experiences in the past and the risk of misplacing your private keys.

Take Web3 on the go

Mobile makes it worthwhile! The Blocto Wallet is completely accessible via your mobile device. With our intuitive mobile app, users can buy, sell, and trade digital assets right from your smartphone–anytime, anywhere. No laptops, tablets, or browser extensions are necessary!

End Note

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re thrilled to be able to finally share Blocto’s ERC 4337-compatible wallet with you. Through this article, we hope our users can see the benefits of account abstraction and the value of smart contract wallets within the EVM ecosystem, just as we did when we were developing the Blocto Wallet. For developers interested in how to use ERC-4337 with Blocto SDK, please refer to this guide written by our amazing devs.

If you haven’t already, click here to download our ERC 4337-compatible Blocto Wallet today and dive into the world of account abstraction!

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