The Hottest Aptos, Flow, & Polygon NFTs

Top NFT projects on Aptos, Flow, Polygon

Check out the latest wavemakers in the NFT space! 

The NFT market is fast-paced and ever-changing, with new and interesting collections dropping every so often. Below, take a look at some of the NFT collections on Aptos, Flow, and Polygon that’s got people raving. 


Top Aptos NFT projects: Aptos Monkeys

Aptos Monkeys is a collection of “monkeys with jungle vibes” who work together to build a civilized jungle. Each monkey has “unique intelligence to create long-lasting products to foster productivity and effectiveness” in Aptos.

Top Aptos NFT projects: Aptos Pirates

Aptos Pirates is an NFT collection and open-world game on Aptos. Created by “researchers…professionals and enthusiasts…artists and analysts,” this project has collaborated with others and is developing a game for public release later this year.

Top Aptos NFT projects: Wagmi Whales

Wagmi Whales is “a branding project that wants to reward holders with merch.” Holding 1 fish gives you the chance to mint a Whale for free.


Top Flow NFT projects: NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot brings basketball to the blockchain. Officially licensed by the NBA, it enables people to collect, trade, and sell NBA highlights as digital tokens.

Top Flow NFT projects: NFL All Day

NFL All Day allows users to own, trade, and sell digital video highlights of the biggest plays of the season. Fans can get their hands on iconic moments from NFL’s past and present.

Top Flow NFT projects: UFC Strike

UFC Strike lets fans own the best moments from UFC history. As officially licensed digital collectibles, these video highlights from the octagon lets fans be a part of the action like never before.


Top Polygon NFT projects: Voxies

Voxies are “cute, lovable and collectible 3D voxel buddies”— of which there are only 10k in existence. The unique NFTs are also fully integrated with turn-based RPG Voxie Tactics, where you can collect, battle, and earn rewards in the Voxiverse.

Top Polygon NFT projects: ReitLions

ReitLions are “happy lion NFTs” with unique astronomical, color, frequency, stone, and mandala codes. Not only that, each one has a unique name, too! There are 20 Empires and 9999 lions making up the first configurable NFT concept.

Top Polygon NFT projects: The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a decentralized gaming platform where you can create, share, and trade your own game worlds (LANDs) and assets. Over 100k worlds are created every day!

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