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Key Takeaways from AAvolution House: The Highlight of DevConnect

TL;DR: AAvolution House at DevConnect Istanbul, hosted by Blocto, showcased the future of Web3 with panels discussing wallet adoption, keynotes from industry leaders like Vitalik Buterin, and lightning talks unveiling innovative products. Highlights include insights on the challenges of tokenization, DeFi integration, and the increasing complexity of interoperability. Noteworthy discussions covered modular smart accounts, emphasizing extensibility, low-cost upgrades, and security. Join the Blocto Community for future account abstraction Events! Introduction In the heart of DevConnect Istanbul, AAvolution House emerged as…
AAvolution key takeaways: The first serious Account Abstraction event

Key Takeaways from AAvolution: The “First Serious Account Abstraction Event” at EthCC Paris

Find out what went down at the “first serious account abstraction event” at EthCC. TL;DR AAvolution, a community-driven account abstraction event, took place at EthCC in Paris. Vitalik Buterin discussed the history of account abstraction and its challenges. Panel discussions focused on the future of account abstraction wallets and a multi-chain future. Blocto introduced its new ERC 4337-compatible wallet. The event was a success, gathering industry leaders and developers to discuss the significance of account abstraction in Web3. Attendees engaged in…
erc-4337 compatible smart contact wallet

Fully ERC-4337 Compatible: Introducing the Groundbreaking Smart Contract Wallet from Blocto

Blocto’s fully ERC 4337-compatible smart contract wallet is now available and poised to be a game-changer for the account abstraction space. We are excited to announce that the newly ERC 4337-compatible Blocto Wallet is officially ready for use! Meticulously built with chain-agnostic account abstraction at the intersection between the grand vision of the Blocto team and the golden age of the EVM ecosystem, the newly ERC 4337-compatible Blocto Wallet is poised to revolutionize how users interact, manage, and create additional value in Web3.…
AAvolution-account abstraction event

The One-Stop for Account Abstraction: Join Us in Paris

Bienvenue to the AA Village! Are you ready for the biggest account abstraction event in Paris? AAvolution: Account Abstraction Village is just around the corner, and it’s set to ignite the crowds at EthCC and ETHGlobal Paris with valuable insights, discussions, and networking opportunities. This one-of-a-kind event will not only be your one-stop destination for all things related to account abstraction, but also a great opportunity to learn about the diverse group of AA projects we have brought together for the AA community. Prepare…
newly revamped blocto token ($blt) has arrived

The Newly Revamped Blocto Token ($BLT) Has Arrived

Attention Bloctopians! We have some very thrilling news for you today: Prepare to be amazed as we unveil the metamorphosis of the Blocto Token ($BLT)! Buckle up for an exhilarating journey as we delve into the realm of our token’s history, design, and branding, aimed at catapulting $BLT to new heights of recognition.  After careful consideration regarding the color of the token logo and its visual consistency with the rest of the ecosystem, our visual team decided to make these…
Crafting the Ultimate Web3 Wallet

Crafting the Ultimate Web3 Wallet

Web3 is a rapidly developing technology with numerous speculations surrounding the future direction of its ecosystem. Undeniably, this innovation is poised to disrupt various sectors, including finance, governance, entertainment, and social networking. As Web3 continues to permeate mainstream consciousness, it is anticipated that within a decade, it will become an integral part of the daily lives of average users. As a fundamental component of the Web3 experience, wallets are poised to assume a significant role in people’s lives. However, the…
The Hottest Polygon NFTs Right Now

The Hottest Polygon NFTs Right Now

Get started on your collection with Blocto Wallet! Got your eyes glued to the Polygon prize? Here’s the latest and greatest NFT collections that are making tons of buzz on Polygon! Voxies Just like in our recent roundup of the hottest Aptos, Flow, and Polygon NFTs, Voxies is still reigning supreme when it comes to Polygon NFTs. These are “cute, lovable and collectible 3D voxel buddies” — of which there are only 10k in existence. The unique NFTs are also fully integrated with…
Polygon Games to Try

Polygon Games to Try

Check out these top game projects bringing the heat to Polygon! Get ready for GameFi! It’s a fun new avenue for Web3 users, native and newbie alike. Since it’s relatively new, things are constantly changing and innovating. Sounds exciting right? Brush up on the basics with our beginner’s guide to GameFi, where we explored the fundamentals of GameFi and covered the key elements creating this new ecosystem. When you’re clued up, start exploring the possibilities that GameFi brings with these popular…
Polygon vs. Ethereum

Polygon vs. Ethereum

Polygon and Ethereum are more related than they are different. If you think about it, Polygon is Ethereum’s offspring, and it’s known as a layer 2 scaling solution (but it’s not the only one). The million-dollar question is whether Polygon retains Ethereum’s exceptional security, decentralization, or smart contract functionalities. Well, Polygon design compromised on security, the extent by which some Ethereum-based apps run on it, and other limitations bog it down. Why was Polygon created? Ethereum and other blockchain developers face a challenge…
2023 ETHTaipei

ETHTaipei 2023: The Future of Ethereum and Blockchain

Taipei, Taiwan — ETHTaipei, the highly anticipated Taipei Ethereum Developer Conference is set to take place at the POPOP Taipei from April 21–25, which is expected to attract over 800 participants. This five-day event will feature a three-day hackathon and a two-day conference that will focus on Ethereum, ZK, DeFi, and security topics. On the first day of the conference (April 24th), Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin will serve as the opening keynote speaker, sharing his vision and outlook for the future…
2022 Blocto yearly report

2022 Blocto Yearly Report

The Past and Future of Blocto While the market has been challenging in the last year, the industry remains optimistic about ongoing development and expansion. With increased participation from new players and users, novel products and ideas continue to emerge, and Blocto perceives significant potential to expand and grow. Blocto's current focus includes the ERC-4337 standard, the EVM ecosystem, and cross-platform functionalities. As a long-standing smart contract wallet, Blocto has extensive experience developing account abstraction, which aligns with the ERC-4337…
blocto now on walletconnect

Blocto Now on WalletConnect!

Our new partnership gets us closer to our goal of making blockchain easy and accessible for more people. What’s WalletConnect? WalletConnect is a communications protocol for Web3 that enables wallets and dApps to connect and interact securely. With WalletConnect, Bloctopians can more easily access hundreds of new dApps and discover a myriad of new Web3 experiences! Users just have to click ‘Connect Wallet’ and log in with Blocto Wallet to start exploring. Why WalletConnect? Blocto’s mission is to make blockchain…
blocto at EthDenver

What Went Down at ETHDenver 2023

Team Blocto’s Hao shares his experiences at ETHDenver 2023! ETHDenver 2023 was held in the heart of the Mile High City, Denver, Colorado. We had a great time with the sunshine, blue skies, and temps that made you want to ditch your coat and stay outside all day long — a welcome change for our subtropical Taiwanese @BloctoDevs fellows, I’m sure 😛. Of course, Colorado weather can be crazy, but we didn't let a little snow or rain ruin our…
BLT(APT) Community Bot

BLT(APT) Community Bot is On Its Way!

The community discord bot brings more opportunities to earn. What’s BLT(APT) Bot? BLT(APT) Bot is Blocto’s official community discord bot! With its launch, some OG Bloctopians can get a chance to earn BLT (APT).  How will it work? With the first chat-to-earn bot in the Aptos Ecosystem, members of the community will be rewarded for participating. Users need only to send messages to earn BLT(APT)! Check out the rules below. Send messages in the Blocto community Each message must have…
how to market your brand with NFT

How To Use NFT Marketing for Branding

Ever since the first NFT was minted by Anil Dash and Kevin McCoy in 2014, the NFT market has been in a state of near-perpetual bloom. Although cryptocurrencies were only gaining acceptance at the time, the idea of digital media embedded in the blockchain was enough to start a revolution of its own. Artsy digital collections became the order of the day, and pieces from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks soon took over the industry. Today, NFTs…
Bluemove: aptos nft marketplace

BlueMove: Your Gateway to the Top Aptos NFTs

Download Blocto Wallet and start exploring the popular Aptos NFT marketplace! Expand your Aptos NFT collection via Blocto’s partnership with BlueMove—the leading multi-chain NFT marketplace on Aptos. BlueMove has integrated Blocto SDK and Blocto Wallet to make it easier for users to collect NFTs across a broad range of aesthetics and interests. With Blocto Wallet, you can do the following: Onboard in less than 30 seconds with email login Buy and sell all kinds of NFTs on Aptos and Sui…
Raiders Rumble by Bloxmith with Blocto

Win Big on Raiders Rumble by Bloxmith with Blocto

Raiders Rumble’s Open Beta Launch brings an exciting event for Bloctopians!  Are you ready to Rumble? Raiders Rumble, a unique 1v1 squad battler game on mobile by Bloxmith, had its Open Beta Launch this week. The exciting competitive mobile strategy game is bridging the gap between traditional and Web3 gaming—that’s why players don’t actually need a crypto wallet or digital collectibles such as NFTs to start playing!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5vOWI5F1Kw In the game, players take on the role of an Archon and…
How Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs Work

Dive into How Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs Work

In the past, it was impossible to create a fully on-chain NFT on Bitcoin, because Bitcoin was initially designed for financial transactions and not data storage. By using the OP_RETURN script, we could only put up 80 bytes of data, which is quite limited for an NFT. However, the Taproot and SegWit upgrade unleashed the potential with the witness field, which can store arbitrary data less than 400,000 bytes. Casey Rodarmor launched Ordinals Protocol in January 2023 to the immediate…
Top Polygon NFT wallet based on your needs: Trust wallet, Blocto wallet, Coinbase, Coin98 Super App.

Top Polygon NFT Wallets to Consider

If you’re looking for an NFT wallet for Polygon, check out these options below. If you’re looking to expand your NFT collection while exploring the Polygon chain, then that means you’re on the market for a Polygon wallet for your NFTs. Which wallet you choose will vary with your needs, but below is a list of the best Polygon wallets out there for your digital assets! Coinbase Coinbase Wallet is a self-custodial wallet, which means you have complete control over…
Blocto Farm and Syrup Pool are now LIVE on Pancakeswap now! You can lock your LP tokens on the Blocto Farm to earn CAKE, and stake your CAKE to earn BLT, Blocto's utility and governance token.

Dive into PancakeSwap with Blocto Wallet

Connect to PancakeSwap Exchange with Blocto Wallet! Here’s what you need to know. What’s PancakeSwap? PancakeSwap (like fellow food-themed SushiSwap) is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the BNB Chain. Not only can users trade crypto, you can also earn some rewards through yield farming. And according to their website, they’re “the most popular decentralized trading platform in the galaxy.” That’s a big area to cover! PancakeSwap uses an automated market maker (AMM) model. This means that while users are…
Top NFT projects on Aptos, Flow, Polygon

The Hottest Aptos, Flow, & Polygon NFTs

Check out the latest wavemakers in the NFT space!  The NFT market is fast-paced and ever-changing, with new and interesting collections dropping every so often. Below, take a look at some of the NFT collections on Aptos, Flow, and Polygon that’s got people raving.  Aptos Aptos Monkeys is a collection of “monkeys with jungle vibes” who work together to build a civilized jungle. Each monkey has “unique intelligence to create long-lasting products to foster productivity and effectiveness” in Aptos. Aptos…
aptos account system

Aptos Review 2 — Account System

Everyone must set up an account when starting to use blockchain applications. No matter what your Web3 adventure looks like, your blockchain account is always part of the experience. A well-designed and secure account system is crucial for user onboarding and retaining. In this article, I will cover the advancements of blockchain account systems and show how Aptos implements best practices. Bitcoin’s UTXO model Bitcoin is the first widely adopted distributed ledger system. Its authentication mechanism is based on asymmetric cryptography.…
Aptos gas fee, Gas Fee Calculation, Gas Fee Collection

Aptos Review 4 — Gas Fee

Let’s talk about transaction fee, also commonly known as gas fee. Gas fee is a crucial component in most layer 1 blockchain protocols. In most blockchain protocols, there are two major types of participants: operators and users. Operators keeps track of what happens in the protocol: they keep track of users’ balances, execute transactions and make sure the records are consistent across different operators. Users make use of the protocol by submitting transactions, deploying smart contracts and sometimes store data…
aptos move language

Aptos Review 1 — The Move Language

At Blocto, we aim to make blockchain apps (dApps) simple and accessible for general users. As a cross-chain wallet and DeFi aggregator, we constantly look into new blockchains, cross-chain solutions, and dApps to see how we can add value to our ecosystem. In our recent explorations, Aptos’s vibrant dev community and a strong team aiming to give former Meta’s project Diem a second life, catch our attention. Listening to the Blocto community’s voice to have Blocto go on Aptos, we’re now bringing Blocto App to…
Best Crypto Wallet for Aptos: Petra Wallet, Trust Wallet, Martian Wallet, Blocto Wallet

Best Crypto Wallets for Aptos

Types of Aptos wallets, what to look for, and more. Emerging Layer 1 blockchain Aptos launched its mainnet in October of last year, and since then, it’s been making waves. Aptos’ vision is to solve what is referred to as the “trilemma” problem in the blockchain space, issues around decentralization, security, and scalability. Solving these problems will enhance the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. As such, Aptos has a host of exciting projects and NFT collections to keep an eye on.…
Blocto integrates Polygon

Polygon Wallet: Dive into Polygon with Blocto Wallet

Looking for a Polygon Wallet? We’ve got you covered. Blocto Wallet for Polygon  Did you know that Blocto Wallet has integrated with Polygon? The Layer 2 solution, formerly known as MATIC, is a blockchain platform and Ethereum scaling solution that’s designed to provide faster and more affordable transactions while maintaining security. If you want to know more about what makes Polygon different from other chains, check out our recent article on the basics of Polygon. So Why Integrate Polygon? Our…
Blocto hosted a community meet-up with the Aptos team as part of the Apts World Tour. We welcomed builders and crypto developers from Taipei and around the world to talk about all things Aptos. The event featured Aptos’s Wolfgang Grieskamp and David Wolinsky, alongside Blocto’s own Hao Chang and Hsuan Lee, as speakers and panelists.

Aptos World Tour Lands in Taipei: Latest Aptos Ecosystem Insights

Check out the latest crypto technology and Aptos ecosystem insights from the recent community meet-up! Last February 6, Blocto hosted a community meet-up with the Aptos team as part of the Aptos World Tour. We welcomed builders and crypto developers from Taipei and around the world to talk about all things Aptos. The event featured Aptos’s Wolfgang Grieskamp and David Wolinsky, alongside Blocto’s own Hao Chang and Hsuan Lee, as speakers and panelists. Read on below for some of the key…
blocto's 2022 wrapped

Blocto’s 2022 Wrapped

Let’s look back at our milestones this year! It’s been another eventful year, to say the least. 2022 had its fair share surprises, stumbling blocks, and successes, but we never stopped building together. Let’s take a look at what we achieved together in the past 12 months. We started the year strong with the first Blocto Launchpad Starly, a l​​aunchpad and marketplace for gamified NFT collections. Over 38 million $BLT tokens were staked during the IDO period and a fulfillment…
Aptos 3 key insights

Aptos Launch: 3 Key Insights

Aptos, new Layer 1 blockchain and “Solana killer”, launched its mainnet to great enthusiasm last week. Since then, there’s been a lot of buzz from all sectors online. Ahead, some Aptos insights and developments you shouldn’t miss. 1. It’s highly-anticipated, to say the least Even though it just launched, Aptos has been driving hype for a while now. The project is considered the successor of Meta’s Diem project, and uses the same smart contract language called Move. Its use of parallel…
Bloctocamp post event

Looking Back on BloctoCamp Taipei & Bloctopian Nite

Let’s revisit what a blast we had with the community during Taipei Blockchain Week! BloctoCamp Taipei Powered by Aptos Last December 15th, as part of Taipei Blockchain Week, we held BloctoCamp Taipei Powered by Aptos at eslite Multifunctional Hall. It was a delightful afternoon getting to know developers and members of the Web3 community in Taipei, with a slate of interesting topics discussed throughout the event. Don’t worry if you missed it—check our stream below and listen in on our…
new blocto logo

Something Old, Something New, Something Blocto, Something Blue

It’s been an exciting few years for us at Blocto, and we wanted to refresh our brand identity to better reflect our core values and mission as we move forward. In fact, eagle-eyed Bloctopians may have already noticed over the past few months that we’ve slowly been changing up our visual style!  The Blocto team has been hard at work, and now it’s finally time for the big reveal! This week, we launched the new Blocto logo. Take a closer…
Taipei Blockchain Week with BloctoCamp Powered by Aptos

Celebrate Taipei Blockchain Week with BloctoCamp Powered by Aptos

Join us on December 15 as we dig deep into all things Web3. The Web3 world is taking over Taipei this December 12–17, 2022! Taipei Blockchain Week is set to bring together “industry experts from all over the world in the blockchain space,” with the aim of educating and empowering the Taiwanese community in further growing as a hub for Web3 innovation. With 40+ sessions, 15+ side events, and a wide array of speakers, it promises to be an exciting…
How to invest in gamefi

Gaming can be Investing, Too—How to Invest in Gamefi?

Introduction Since the term “GameFi” was coined in a tweet in 2020, its trajectory has seen ups and downs. GameFi, derived from two words, "gaming" and "finance," is essentially video games designed using blockchain technology. GameFi, in other words, is also known as Play-to-Earn (P2E) games. Players can earn cryptocurrencies and other in-game collectibles in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) while playing the game. In P2E games, players can generate revenue by selling or trading the collectibles and cryptocurrencies…
gamefi guide

Beginner’s Guide to GameFi—What is GameFi?

GameFi has come to the forefront of the crypto sector recently, and blockchain gaming is poised to disrupt the gaming industry by offering a fundamentally revamped solution. Titles like Axie Infinity have managed to become mainstream with over $1B in asset sales, and the potential in this sector is already starting to attract conventional publishers like Ubisoft.  Today, we’ll explore the fundamentals of GameFi and cover the key elements that are creating this new ecosystem.  How Does GameFi Work? At…
one month of Blocto on Aptos review

Blocto Blasts Through the First Month in the Aptoverse 🚀

Let’s take a look at the milestones we’ve hit since the Aptos mainnet launch! Tl;dr Top 3 ranked wallet on Aptos More than 80% of Aptos dApps integrated with Blocto Over 300k users within the first week, over 400k users in more than a month  Over 232k #LFB NFTs claimed $3M Ecosystem Fund sign-ups still ongoing Blocto has successfully entered the Aptoverse! It’s been over a month since Aptos’s highly anticipated mainnet launch, and what a month it’s been. We…
Aptos integration with Blocto SDK

Make Aptos Integration Easy with Blocto SDK

Bring a seamless Web3 experience to your app without breaking a sweat. Our recent integration with Aptos furthers our shared goal of simplifying the Web3 onboarding experience. Blocto Wallet enables anyone to set up their first wallet and start interacting with Aptos dApps in as little as 30 seconds. And a little more than a month in, this move has proven to be the right one for our ecosystem and community. We’re currently the top 3 wallet on Aptos, with…
Mint an NFT on Aptos with blocto

How To Mint an NFT? Explore Popular NFT Collections on Aptos

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have managed to become extremely popular among collectors and investors in the past few years. The phenomenon has managed to create a multi-billion dollar market and thrilled global investors about the potential of transforming digital art. For artists and creators, NFTs represent the evolution of the conventional art market. Aside from ensuring income, NFTs also come with advanced features like automatic royalty distribution, thanks to smart contracts.  Even though NFTs have been created on multiple blockchains, Aptos…
Fun Ways to get into the Web3 Space

Fun Ways to Get into the Web3 Space

Web3 is the future of the internet, and since we're a species driven by innovation, everyone's been talking about it. However, talking about Web3 is different from experiencing it. For many people, the concept remains vague–and for others, it's nothing but a marketing buzzword. But for millions of people who have made the leap, Web3 is real. When you eventually understand it, you'll love this next phase of the internet. Several articles explain everything to know about Web3, but very…
how to integrate with a web3 wallet

How to Integrate with a Web3 Wallet

A Web3 wallet is a tool for accessing the Web3 economy. It provides users the advantage of gaining control of their data and privacy, being in charge of their digital assets’ security and safety, and taking out utility and value on their own without the interference of a third party. Since Web3 wallets have these characteristic anonymity features, they are better classified as “non-custodial” wallets. Why do we need to Integrate a Web3 Wallet? Web3 wallets offer many benefits, which…
aptos p2e nft games

Guide to the top play-to-earn NFT games in 2022

NFT games are currently all the rage recently, with the number of users and prices skyrocketing. Over the past years, they've become a core part of almost every metaverse, with each platform boasting its cryptocurrency to reward online players. This new breed of blockchain-backed games, also known as play-to-earn (P2E) games, is the perfect space for those who are both avid gamers and NFT investors. This guide will give you a rundown of the top new NFT games this year…
bring dapps to the mass market with Blocto

Future of dApp market: Bring your dApps to the mass market with Blocto

Blocto’s co-founders Edwin Yen and Hsuan Lee joined Aptos’ Move Monday on November 14, 2022. During the event, they spoke about Blocto’s updates on Aptos and answered questions from the audience. Below is a summary of Hsuan’s talk; let’s take a look at his tips on how to grow your dApps with Blocto! What Blocto has done on Aptos? Blocto’s vision aligns with Aptos’ vision, which is to bring blockchain applications to the mass market. After the Aptos mainnet launch,…
top 5 nfts projects on aptos

Top 5 NFTs on Aptos Now

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have taken the crypto sphere by storm. Today, more than ever, artists are beginning to leverage this technology and opportunity to monetize their content and build communities. Minting or creating NFTs on pre-existing blockchains such as Ethereum is extremely expensive due to the high gas fees in the minds and from the perspective of some beginners. What if there was an opportunity for creatives to mint NFTs for extremely cheap or even for free? This could reshape…
aptos crypto bridge services

Popular Crypto Bridge Services on Aptos

Aptos has been one of the fastest-growing blockchains currently in the crypto-sphere. The layer 1 blockchain has managed to get traction thanks to its scalability and ease of use. Bridge services in the Aptoverse have played a major role in attracting users to the blockchain.  Let’s explore the most popular bridge services on Aptos and how they’re adding a new dimension to this fast-growing ecosystem. But before that, let's take a look at the key events in the recent Aptos…
Top 3 Aptos Projects: Souffl3, PancakeSwap, and Topaz

Top 3 Aptos Projects to Keep Your Eyes On

After a long wait, the Aptos Blockchain finally made its debut in style, launching its mainnet on October 17, 2022. The genesis block was completed on October 12, with about 120 validators securing the network. An exciting tidbit about Aptos is that the project results from several ex-Meta employees who were the pioneering engineers behind the failed Meta Diem stablecoin. Aptos Labs is committed to developing products and applications on the Aptos blockchain that will redefine users' experience in Web3.The…
Blocto powers Solana Games Day

Blocto Powers Solana Games Day 2022

The Solana community came together again in Lisbon, Portugal, where from November 4 to November 7, 2022, we saw Solana Breakpoint occur. Solana Games Day was celebrated on the first day at Lisboa Hacker House, where Blocto was the official wallet sponsor! When we showcased the Blocto Wallet demo onstage, each attendee could clearly see everything they needed to know about the advantages and appeals the wallet brings to the entire Solana ecosystem of GameFi and DeFi projects.  With 30-second…
Aptos TPS and Parallel Execution

Aptos Review 3 — Aptos TPS and Parallel Execution

A New Approach for Better Throughput. As one of the most fundamental key performance indicators (KPIs) for blockchain performance, throughput indicates how many transactions a blockchain can process in a certain amount of time. The standard unit of throughput is transactions per second (TPS). Early blockchains are notorious for their low throughput. For instance, Bitcoin can process 7 TPS, and Ethereum can do 20 TPS, which is surpassed by Web2 payment networks like VISA which process around 3,000 TPS on average…
what is crypto staking

What is Cryptocurrency Staking?

Crypto staking is the process of locking a coin—such as Ethereum, Solana, Tezos, or Cosmos—over a fixed period in order to earn a reward. The staked coin goes directly to help the blockchain validators verify transactions before it's added to the blockchain’s public ledger through a consensus-based process known as proof-of-stake (PoS). Staking of cryptocurrency isn't possible for all cryptocurrencies; only those compatible with PoS have that option. For example, you can't stake Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum Classic (ETC) because…
Aptos blockchain (play to earn) p2e games

P2E Games with Aptos: Explore the Trailblazing P2E Blockchain on Blocto

The growth of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has transformed the gaming industry through Play-to-Earn (P2E) games. These games have become a possibility thanks to the potential of cryptocurrency, and offer an entirely new dimension to gaming.  Think about generating actual money from all the time you put into your favorite games. Sounds like fiction, right? With blockchains like Aptos, this is turning into reality. Insight into P2E games P2E games allow users to earn money while enjoying their favorite games.…
aptos vs sui

Aptos vs. Sui: Differences, Similarities and Future

Diem is the failed cryptocurrency project originally created by Meta (formerly Facebook). However, there is always a shimmer of light in any failure, and the engineers at the company used that experience to create new blockchain networks. The two most heavily-discussed blockchains that are the creation of these engineers include Aptos and Sui.  Today, we will be going over both blockchains so you can know what to expect moving forward. Aptos vs. Sui: Which is Better? In order for us…
Blocto ecosystem fund to support Aptos

Blocto’s First Aptos Ecosystem Development Fund: Boost Your Project to the Moon

Ready to boost your project to greater heights with Blocto’s $3M Ecosystem Development Fund? With the mainnet launch of Aptos, a highly anticipated Layer-1 blockchain built with MOVE and pioneered by ex-Meta team, Blocto is excited to announce our development fund to help the Aptoverse thrive. For new projects moving on Aptos, the path to user acquisition may not always be easy, but our onboarding process takes less than 30 seconds (with a proven 95% conversion rate!) and makes things…
Blocto Launchpad Starly

Blocto Crypto Launchpad #1 Starly

What’s good Bloctopians! We are thrilled to announce that the 1st crypto launchpad on the Flow Blockchain has been successfully established according to our DAO voting result. Our 1st project will be Starly — a crypto launchpad and marketplace for creators who build economies around their gamified NFT collections. To learn more about Starly, check out the details on their website. Launchpad site, airdrop campaign and more insights report coming up! Stay tuned to both Blocto and Starly social channels! Starly Token White Paper Starly…

Introducing BloctoDAO — The Governance DAO of Blocto

2021 has come to an end, and Blocto is grateful to have you along the way as we reach all the spectacular milestones this year. Adhering to Blocto’s spirit in decentralization , we’d like to end this year strong by announcing our decentralized governance DAO — BloctoDAO. Announcing our first BloctoDAO poll:How much $BLT token grant should the Blocto ecosystem fund allocate for the IDO platform from portto, the infrastructure supplier? We sincerely invite you all to be part of…
Blocto stacking program

BLT Staking Program- Earn Your Staking Rewards!

We are excited to roll out our $BLT staking program! Don’t just let your $BLT sit in your wallet! Maximize your holdings and earn staking rewards by participating in our BLT staking program. This article will run through all the major details, including times, staking rewards, and step-by-step how to stake. Enter here: BLT Staking Program (Currently only $BLT on Flow chain is available for staking) Qualifications To become an eligible staker all you need is to hold BLT, it’s just as…
blocto guilt

Introducing The Discord Blocto Guild—Blocto Crypto Community

What’s goooood Bloctopians! Are you a Bloctopian from the beginning? Are you eager to become more engaged with the Blocto Team? Always miss the chances to get the airdrop from us? Join Blocto Guild to enlighten your crypto journey! Meet Blocto Guild, powered by Collab.Land firstly on Flow — a crypto community program where the engaged Bloctopians can grow tighter together. Thanks to Collab.Land, this first integration on Flow with Blocto wallet will greatly strengthen the bonding between the community…
Blocto Launchpad Starly

Step By Step Blocto Launchpad Guide — #1 Starly Token Sale

The 1st public token sale period on Blocto Launchpad has just started! To help you get up to speed, we’ve prepared this tutorial to walk you through the $STARLY public sale process. Before this, we recommend you to go through our last post with token sale details first: Blocto launchpad #1 Starly Token Sale Timeline KYC preparation period: Jan. 14th 15:00 (UTC+8), 2022 — Jan. 18th 15:00 (UTC+8), 2022. Click here or the KYC button on the launchpad page to pass the KYC…
starly IDO on BloctoIDO

Blocto Launchpad #1 Starly Research Report

Dear Bloctopians, Introducing the first project on Blocto launchpad — Starly! Starly is a launchpad and marketplace for gamified NFT collections. It offers content creators an end-to-end solution to launch and sell their own gamified NFT collections to fans and followers. Fans can own, trade and sell these NFTs to bring their relationships with the creators to the next level, to represent interests and values they stand for and to turn it all into a and exciting and enjoyable experience. Starly…
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Token Teleport 3-Minute Guide—$STARLY(Flow <> BSC)

Good day Bloctopians! Remember that we have once showed you how to teleport $BLT from Flow to Solana then to BSC?  Step by Step $BLT Teleport Guide In this article, we’ll show you step by step to teleport your $STARLY from Flow to BSC using BloctoSwap. Step 1 : Enable your $STARLY asset cards in the Blocto app Go to the wallet page & Click the + icon at the top right cornerAfter you get to the Add Token page, add $STARLY wallet addresses…

How Blocto as a cross-chain smart contract wallet solve user & developer problems

Blocto Wallet is the first product developed by the portto team. Our initial goal is to create a portal to the blockchain world, providing non-blockchain fluent users with the best user experience there is. However, while establishing the Blocto ecosystem, we‘ve built upon our initial goal with an improved goal for Blocto Wallet. A cross-chain smart contract wallet to satisfy the growing demand for a multi-chain ecosystem There are various public chain ecosystems in the blockchain field, such as Ethereum,…

Announcement of The Bloctopian Quiz

Thanks for your interest in participating in The Bloctopian Quiz. Hope you all had a great time yesterday. You can say we felt the Bloctopian love with an abundance of responses in just 2 hours! So what if you guys didn’t answer 100% correctly, we’ve decided to loosen the criteria just a bit. The new reward criteria is illustrated as the followings: Reward Rule We have ranked all the legit submissions according to the scores. 1. The top 100 participants…

Blocto Official AMA Retro: Blocto’s Crypto Ecosystem

Blocto Team successfully held the Blocto and $BLT AMA on June 28th 6 p.m (UTC-7) discussing about Blocto's crypto ecosystem. Thanks for your fullest support and participation! The following is the transcript for those who didn’t make it to participate in the AMA. We suggest you go through these materials to better understand the AMA content. portto WebsiteBLT infoBLT WhitepaperBLT Tokenomics Q&A From Team Q1: First of all, please briefly introduce the Blocto Team to our friends in the community.…

portto and Flow Blockchain: A Portal To The Open World

TL;DR portto is partnering with Flow Blockchain to bring the simplest blockchain on-ramp experience to dapp users. portto’s Mission As Marc Andreessen described in a16z podcast: From the Internet’s Past to The Future of Crypto, blockchain applications today, similar to the Internet back in the 90s, have a steep entry barrier for the general public. portto aims to make blockchain simple and accessible for users with no technical background. In an effort to reduce entry barriers, portto has launched its mobile…

Blocto is excited to announce the Community Sale of our utility token $BLT

Today marks yet another thrilling milestone for Blocto, as we finally confirm July 13th, 2021 — July 15th, 2021 as our $BLT community sale period. As a way to show our gratitude to early active Blocto users, we decided to offer a limited number of users the same sale term as our private sale backers. Please make sure you have read through the Blocto Token whitepaper and tokenomics before further actions. Blocto Token whitepaperTokenomics ⚠️ $BLT is a Flow Fungible token when…

Step by Step BLT Community Sale Guide

The $BLT community sale is about to start! To help you get up to speed, we’ve prepared this tutorial to walk you through the $BLT community sale process. Before this, we recommend you to go through our last post with sale details first: BLT Community Sale Timeline Check your $BLT Community Sale Tier Tier I: The Bloctopian Quiz WinnersTier II. Whitelisted Blocto UsersTier III. General Public Check your tier $BLT Community Sale Tutorial Step one: Connect Blocto Wallet Connect your Blocto…

Blocto Token Bounty Program — 2000 equiv. USD + 110,000 BLT prize pool

2021 April 9–2021 May 19 Check out the submitted Article/ Video/ Translation/ Sticker & meme here list of submissions Campaign Details & Rules The goal of the content is to highlight Blocto and Blocto token (BLT) and its advantages to reach more audiences. We believe in the value Blocto brings to the blockchain world and we want you to help spread the gospel!Low-quality and plagiarized content will not be accepted. Inaccurate and unfactual contents will not be accepted.Users will only be awarded…

Blocto Token $BLT Multi-Chain Ecosystem IDO [02] — Dexlab IDO

Revealing the 2nd piece of info for this highly expected public sale: Dexlab IDO. Before you continues, make sure you have gone through The Blocto Token Whitepaper and Tokenomics! Blocto Token WhitepaperTokenomics ⚠️ Do NOT attempt to search for $BLT and buy $BLT on any other exchanges before our official announcement.⚠️ Public Sale Details Ticker: $BLTToken Type: Flow Fungible Token / Teleported Version on BSC / Teleported Version on SolanaOfficial $BLT token contract addressSale Price: 0.4 tUSDT / BUSD / USDC (SPL) per $BLTSale Term:…

Blocto Token $BLT Multi-Chain Ecosystem IDO [01] — Impossible IDO

Soft Fire Makes Sweet Malt Blocto is proud to announce that Sep.10th, 2021 will be the start of our month-long $BLT public sale. Revealing the 1st piece of info for this highly expected public sale: Impossible IDO. Before you continue, make sure you have gone through The Blocto Token Whitepaper and Tokenomics! Blocto Token WhitepaperTokenomics ⚠️ Do NOT attempt to search for $BLT and buy $BLT on any other exchanges before our official announcement.⚠️ Public Sale Details Ticker: $BLTToken Type: Flow Fungible Token / Teleported…

Blocto Token $BLT Multi-Chain Ecosystem IDO [03] — Blocto Token $BLT Public Sale

Blocto is thrilled to announce the information of the $BLT public sale on Flow. Before you continue, make sure you have gone through The Blocto Token Whitepaper and Tokenomics! Blocto Token Whitepaper and TokenTokenomics ⚠️ Do NOT attempt to search for $BLT and buy $BLT on any other exchanges before our official announcement.⚠️ Public Sale Details Ticker: $BLTToken Type: Flow Fungible Token / Teleported Version on BSC / Teleported Version on SolanaOfficial $BLT token contract addressSale Price: 0.4 tUSDT / BUSD / USDC (SPL) per…

Blocto Token White Paper

BLT is the utility and governance token of Blocto, which serves as the foundation of our ecosystem and the interconnective link between the wallet, Blocto-made products, and our users. Abstract In this whitepaper, we introduce Blocto and Blocto token, hereinafter referred to as Blocto token or BLT. Blocto is an integrated, cross-blockchain smart contract wallet service, which enables users and developers to interact with their cryptocurrencies, dApps, and NFTs frictionlessly. BLT is the utility and governance token of Blocto, which…

BLT Tokenomics

The street is where life happens in its most raw, unscripted, and unexpected Blocto is an integrated, cross-blockchain smart contract wallet service, which enables users and developers to interact with their cryptocurrencies, dApps, and NFTs frictionlessly. BLT is the utility and governance token of Blocto, which serves as the foundation of our ecosystem and the interconnective link between the wallet, Blocto-made products, and our users. Highlights & Summary The Blocto token total supply is 500,000,000 BLT. The genesis token circulation…

Step by Step $BLT Teleport Guide

Thank you for your overwhelming support in the $BLT multi-chain ecosystem IDO! In this article, we’ll guide you step by step to teleport your $BLT across Flow / BSC / Solana using BloctoSwap. Step one: Enable your $BLT asset cards in the Blocto app Go to the wallet page & Click the pencil ✏️ icon at the top right cornerAdd $BLT wallet addresses by clicking the blue ‘+’ signPress the asset cards to refresh (ETA < 1 min in general…