Make Aptos Integration Easy with Blocto SDK

Aptos integration with Blocto SDK

Bring a seamless Web3 experience to your app without breaking a sweat.

Our recent integration with Aptos furthers our shared goal of simplifying the Web3 onboarding experience. Blocto Wallet enables anyone to set up their first wallet and start interacting with Aptos dApps in as little as 30 seconds. And a little more than a month in, this move has proven to be the right one for our ecosystem and community.

We’re currently the top 3 wallet on Aptos, with more than 400k new users and 18% of all Aptos transactions happening with Blocto Wallet. What’s more, over 80% of dApps on Aptos have joined the Blocto ecosystem. Join the likes of Souffl3, PancakeSwap, Topaz, Mercury, and Ditto—among others—and integrate with Blocto today.

Blocto SDK

Blocto SDK is our web-based software developer kit designed to help you build fast and grow faster. It’s available in a handful of programming languages and supports multiple chains, making it easy to apply a seamless Web3 experience to your application. No learning curves or downloads needed—you can get up to speed in as little as 2 hours!

Beyond stand-alone crypto wallets

No download needed: Users stay in your dApp all the time. They don’t have to download additional blockchain applications or browser extensions to access your service.

Seamless onboarding: Users don’t have to go through the challenging wallet creation process with an external wallet. With our in-app email login, they can onboard and start trading with your dApp within 30 seconds. Also, they have the option to switch from custodial to non-custodial mode at any time (Learn how our mixed custodial wallet model works).

Unlock more functionality

Freemium model made possible: You can pay transaction fees for your users to provide a freemium experience. They don’t have to buy crypto to pay for their transfers before trying out your dApp. (See how meta-transaction works)

Bridged with Blocto App: Once you’ve integrated with Blocto SDK or Wallet Adapter, your users can concurrently manage their assets on Blocto App. They can unlock extra functionality of the Blocto ecosystem, including:

  • Showcase, deposit, or transfer their Aptos-based cryptos or NFTs all in one place.
  • Stake $APT and our native token ($BLT) on Aptos on specially designed in-app staking interfaces
  • Explore all the dApps and Web3 projects on Aptos and the other blockchains with our in-app Web3 browser.

Supports multiple blockchains: Blocto SDK supports various blockchains, including but not limited to Aptos, Flow, Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon. We’re dedicated to increasing cross-chain interoperability and hope to integrate Aptos into our existing cross-chain service. In the future, your users may be able to use our cross-chain service to teleport their crypto assets from Aptos to other chains in a few clicks

Available in different programming languages: Most wallet SDKs only support JavaScript. Blocto SDK on Aptos is currently available in JavaScript. App SDKs for Swift (iOS) and Kotlin (Android) and Unity SDK are coming soon.

Integrate our Aptos Wallet Adapter to unlock the full functionality of your dApp! Alternatively, download our wallet SDK for direct integration. You can also look at the guidelines on Blocto SDK integration on our support center for more details.

Ecosystem Fund

We know that new projects’ path to user acquisition is not the easiest, but with Blocto, you can enjoy a less-than-30-second onboarding process and a proven 95% conversion rate. If you’re keen to start building and onboarding more users on your Aptos dApp, check out our $3M Aptos Ecosystem Fund. You stand to gain access to our 1.5M-and-growing user base, marketing support, strategic partnerships, and more. Sign-ups are still ongoing, so apply now!

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