Blocto Now on WalletConnect!

blocto now on walletconnect

Our new partnership gets us closer to our goal of making blockchain easy and accessible for more people.

What’s WalletConnect?

WalletConnect is a communications protocol for Web3 that enables wallets and dApps to connect and interact securely. With WalletConnect, Bloctopians can more easily access hundreds of new dApps and discover a myriad of new Web3 experiences! Users just have to click ‘Connect Wallet’ and log in with Blocto Wallet to start exploring.

Why WalletConnect?

Blocto’s mission is to make blockchain accessible to anyone who wants to get onboard. We BUIDL with that goal in mind—that’s why we’ve developed intuitive and innovative solutions like Blocto Points, our chain-agnostic gas fee solution for cross-chain transactions. WalletConnect’s APIs empower Web3 connections, supporting our goal by helping us deliver an even more seamless Web3 experience for more users. 

Working with WalletConnect enables Blocto Wallet users to access an even greater library of dApps and platforms, furthering the ease with which they can do what they want on Web3, whenever they want to do it. With Blocto’s 30-second onboarding, Bloctopians are just a few taps away from the expanded metaverse.

What’s Next?

With WalletConnect, we continue BUIDLing to make blockchain with projects that share the same goal. Check out Blocto Wallet’s feature on WalletConnect’s Wallet of the Week series to learn more about this recent partnership!

The Blocto Team is also working on ERC-4337, aiming to be one of the first smart contract wallets with EVM compatibility. Aside from this, we’re also developing a social login feature to make Web3 onboarding even easier and more integrated for more people. 

Don’t have Blocto Wallet yet? Download now and start exploring the world of Web3—made even more wonderful by our integration with WalletConnect.

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