Blocto Blasts Through the First Month in the Aptoverse 🚀

one month of Blocto on Aptos review

Let’s take a look at the milestones we’ve hit since the Aptos mainnet launch!


  • Top 3 ranked wallet on Aptos
  • More than 80% of Aptos dApps integrated with Blocto
  • Over 300k users within the first week, over 400k users in more than a month 
  • Over 232k #LFB NFTs claimed
  • $3M Ecosystem Fund sign-ups still ongoing
  • Blocto has successfully entered the Aptoverse!

It’s been over a month since Aptos’s highly anticipated mainnet launch, and what a month it’s been. We started off strong with our #LFB NFT drop, which saw more than 232k of these limited-edition NFTs claimed. And within the first week, we got up to 300k mainnet users registered with Blocto!

Since then, we’ve kept up the momentum. Over 400k new users and 80% of dApps on Aptos have integrated with the Blocto ecosystem. We wish our new Bloctopians a warm welcome. We’re currently the top 3 wallet on Aptos, with 18% of Aptos transactions happening with Blocto Wallet. Now that’s truly something to celebrate! 🎉

Blocto’s integration with Aptos blockchain furthers our shared goal of simplifying the Web3 onboarding experience and enables anyone to set up their first wallet with Blocto and start interacting with their first Aptos dApp in as little as 30 seconds.

Meanwhile, for new projects moving on Aptos, the path to user acquisition may not always be easy but our less-than-30-second onboarding process with a proven 95% conversion rate will make it a breeze. Those who want to start building and onboarding more users to Aptos can check out more details about the Blocto Ecosystem Fund. Selected projects will gain access to our 1.5M-and-growing user base, marketing support, strategic partnerships, and more, so apply now!

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