Looking Back on BloctoCamp Taipei & Bloctopian Nite

Bloctocamp post event

Let’s revisit what a blast we had with the community during Taipei Blockchain Week!

BloctoCamp Taipei Powered by Aptos

Last December 15th, as part of Taipei Blockchain Week, we held BloctoCamp Taipei Powered by Aptos at eslite Multifunctional Hall. It was a delightful afternoon getting to know developers and members of the Web3 community in Taipei, with a slate of interesting topics discussed throughout the event.

Don’t worry if you missed it—check our stream below and listen in on our speakers’ talks! Gain insight into Web3 fundraising from Dragonfly’s Tom Schmidt, and learn about what it takes to build a culture of security from Ottersec’s Alex Donn. Hear Blocto co-founder and CEO Hsuan Lee speak about the advantages of Aptos and its MOVE language, and tune into the Aptos Fireside Chat at the very end to learn about the current and future possibilities for the Aptoverse.

Catch (or relive) all that and more at the link below. Check out the video’s description box for the timestamps of each talk.

Bloctopian Nite, Co-hosted by Flow

After the informative sessions, we headed to Belle’s in Taipei for Bloctopian Nite, co-hosted by Flow. We were excited to celebrate the night away with members of the Blocto community and Flow Frens, and glad we were able to show our appreciation to everyone who supported us and helped us get to where we are today. 

Even though it was a Thursday night, that didn’t stop us (and 200+ of you!) from kicking back and having fun with our investors, partners, and beloved Bloctopians. The amazing performances and lively DJ sets were a great way to end the day.

Thank you again to our partners Aptos and Flow for helping us pull off BloctoCamp Taipei and Bloctopian Nite, respectively. And of course, thank you to the Bloctopians who joined us—online and IRL. We hope you learned more about what’s happening in Web3 right now, and see you at the next event! 

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