Announcement of The Bloctopian Quiz

Thanks for your interest in participating in The Bloctopian Quiz. Hope you all had a great time yesterday. You can say we felt the Bloctopian love with an abundance of responses in just 2 hours!

So what if you guys didn’t answer 100% correctly, we’ve decided to loosen the criteria just a bit. The new reward criteria is illustrated as the followings:

Reward Rule

We have ranked all the legit submissions according to the scores.

1. The top 100 participants with the highest scores will get the whitelisted allocation of the $BLT community sale.

2. Reward eligibility is based on submitted order if the scores are tied.

Award List

Congrats to our top 100 participants!

MAKE SURE you’ve registered a Blocto account with your SUBMITTED email. The allocation maps with the exact same Blocto account (registered email)


Detailed Explanation

Though the quiz is over, we invite you guys to go thoroughly over the quiz again with us! Bon Appétit!

A: Blocto is a smart contract wallet which supports BSC, Ethereum, Flow, Solana and Tron. Hence, II, III and IV are correct.

A: 500 * 5000 = (500 + 10) * (5000 — x), x = 98.039 (round to thousandth place)

A: According to the previous official announcements, you could easily discover that II, III, IV and VI are the correct answers.

A: 4 (1 cosigner key, 1 recovery key, 2 device keys)


  • Blocto is a smart contract wallet which provides better gas fee user experience, which allows you to pay your gas fee in different tokens.
  • Moreover, every blocto address created = contract deployed, which requires an amount of gas depending on the gas price that time.
  • Hence, both are correct.

A: 2000 * 139,852 * 50 / 10⁹ = 13.9852

A: BLT tokens can be burnt in exchange for equivalent PORTIONS of tokens in the Blocto Vault pool.

A: Only custodial users can auto-restake FLOW in flow staking.

A: If you put all the hints into a sentence, you can figure out that the answer is the following: Blocto is the Steam for blockchain applications.


  • We’ve discovered quite the peculiar split in this question, so technically both “2” and “3” are correct.
  • In Blocto, there are 3 signatures needed (device key / cosigner key / Blocto fee payer key) in Solana transactions (same as Flow).
  • In order to decrease the transaction size, we combined the cosigner key and fee payer key a month ago, so SOL transfer only needs 2 signatures now.
  • Both “2” and “3” are correct.
What’s Next

Thanks again for your interest in participating in The Bloctopian Quiz.

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