Blocto’s First Aptos Ecosystem Development Fund: Boost Your Project to the Moon

Blocto ecosystem fund to support Aptos

Ready to boost your project to greater heights with Blocto’s $3M Ecosystem Development Fund? With the mainnet launch of Aptos, a highly anticipated Layer-1 blockchain built with MOVE and pioneered by ex-Meta team, Blocto is excited to announce our development fund to help the Aptoverse thrive.

For new projects moving on Aptos, the path to user acquisition may not always be easy, but our onboarding process takes less than 30 seconds (with a proven 95% conversion rate!) and makes things so much better. Start building and onboard more users to Aptos by applying to the Blocto Ecosystem Development Fund today!

Building with $3M Blocto Ecosystem Development Fund

Initial Grant

  • General Grant: All of the projects in this fund will receive 1K worth of $BLT
  • Early Bird Grant: The first 10 projects accepted by this fund will receive 2K worth of $BLT
  • Exclusive Access: Discuss with our team to explore more growth opportunities

Boosted Grant

To help boost and support user growth, Blocto will help fund dApps that are onboarding new users with Blocto Wallet. The more new users you onboard, the more funds you’ll receive.

  • Definition of new users: Users who register a new Blocto Wallet via the corresponding dApp will be considered “new users,” whereas those who connect their existing Blocto Wallet accounts won’t. For example:
    1. Users who have registered a Blocto account with dApp A will not be considered a “new user” of dApp B when they connect their existing Blocto Wallet
    2. Users who have an existing Blocto account on another chain will not be considered a “new user” if they connect their existing Blocto Wallet to an Aptos dApp
  • How to boost your grant: Set Blocto as the top 2, preferred, or default wallet in your dApp until the end of the funding period.
  • Total Grant: Each dApp that onboards more than 10K new Blocto Wallet users by the end of the 3-month funding period will receive:
  • Receiving: You’ll receive 10% of the $BLT reward and join the $BLT ecosystem when the funding period ends. You can unlock the rest of the 90% after 12 months, followed by linear vesting for 6 months.

Blocto Morning Star Program

Selecting at least 1 per month, we’ll choose up to 5 boosted grant projects to join the Blocto Morning Star Program.

  • Total Grant: Instead of the original boosted grant, the projects will receive:

1.5 * Original Boosted Grant

  • Exclusive Access: 
    1. Blocto’s marketing support with exposure to our 1.2M user base
    2. Opportunities to connect with Blocto’s top investors like Mark Cuban, Kevin Chou, Animoca Brands, 500 global, Alameda research, and more
    3. Blocto may choose to invest in your project
    4. Strategic partnership with Blocto

How to Apply for the Development Funding

Step 1: Check your dApp’s eligibility — projects with over 1000 Twitter followers are welcome to apply.

Step 2: Integrate with Blocto Wallet. Download our web SDK, app SDK, or wallet adapter for Aptos on Github.

Step 3: Simply fill out the Blocto Ecosystem Fund application form to apply! This also signs you up for the Blocto newsletter so you can stay up to date with the latest. (If you wish to sign up for the newsletter without applying for the ecosystem fund, you can still do so.)

Step 4: You’ll receive a confirmation email will if your project is eligible. Please note that the reviewing process might take a few days.

Application Timeline & Funding Period

The application form will be distributed by the end of Oct and we’ll start calculating your user acquisition from the day you submit the form. The funding period will end in 3 months, and you can apply any time before the funding ends.

Initial grant winners will receive funds once the funding period ends. Boosted grant and Morning Star Program winners will receive 10% of the $BLT reward when the funding period ends, and unlock the rest of the 90% after 12 months, followed by linear vesting for 6 months.

Funding Details

  • Blocto will strictly filter the registered emails of the new users onboarding your dApp via Blocto Wallet. It is fraudulent for any project to direct, encourage, or allow individuals to use a single account for the purpose of accumulating funds. If randomly generated accounts are found, Blocto will NOT take those numbers into account, and your project may be disqualified in certain circumstances.
  • Blocto will provide the latest data via our newsletter for partners (projects will sign up for the newsletter after fund application). If you have any questions regarding the data, please report to our team as soon as possible.
  • The process of determining which projects receive grants is inherently subjective, please acknowledge and agree (on behalf of yourself and your project) the following terms:
    1. Blocto reserves the right to make determinations concerning grants at its absolute discretion
    2. Blocto is under no obligation to offer you a grant
    3. Blocto will not provide multiple grants to the same project

Want to see your project becoming the brightest star in the Aptoverse? Let the Blocto Ecosystem Development Fund get you to the moon! BUIDL with us to onboard the next billion users and boost that momentum with the growth of the Aptos ecosystem!