BLT(APT) Community Bot is On Its Way!

BLT(APT) Community Bot

The community discord bot brings more opportunities to earn.

What’s BLT(APT) Bot?

BLT(APT) Bot is Blocto’s official community discord bot! With its launch, some OG Bloctopians can get a chance to earn BLT (APT). 

How will it work?

With the first chat-to-earn bot in the Aptos Ecosystem, members of the community will be rewarded for participating. Users need only to send messages to earn BLT(APT)! Check out the rules below.

  • Send messages in the Blocto community
  • Each message must have more than 5 words 
  • Commands, GIFs, links, or photos do not count
  • The same person won’t be able to mine BLT (APT) in a row 
  • Members who send messages but haven’t had the chance to  successfully mine BLT(APT) will have a higher chance of winning
  • Members with certain roles (such as Aptos OG) have more opportunities to earn more BLT(APT)

When the BLT(APT) Bot launches, only Bloctopians with @AptosOG roles will be able to participate. But fear not—the bot will be available for the public soon! Keep your eyes peeled for the latest announcements.

There are more bonuses waiting to be unlocked, so stay tuned!

Join the Blocto Discord community to stay updated and get your chance to earn BLT(APT) and more!