BLT Staking Program- Earn Your Staking Rewards!

Blocto stacking program

We are excited to roll out our $BLT staking program!

Don’t just let your $BLT sit in your wallet! Maximize your holdings and earn staking rewards by participating in our BLT staking program.

This article will run through all the major details, including times, staking rewards, and step-by-step how to stake.

Enter here: BLT Staking Program (Currently only $BLT on Flow chain is available for staking)


To become an eligible staker all you need is to hold BLT, it’s just as simple as that! Join the community to help strengthen the Blocto ecosystem and earn staking rewards at the same time.

Epoch Timeline

  • 11/3 Wed. 16:00 pm (UTC+8): Staking/delegation option open
  • 11/10 Wed. 14:00 (UTC+8): First epoch starts
  • 11/17 Wed. 13:59 pm (UTC+8): First staking reward payout

Each epoch lasts approximately a week, and the epoch switch will happen at around 13:59pm (UTC+8) every Wednesday.

Staking Rewards Distribution

Staking reward takes up to 5% of the total BLT tokenomics. A total amount of 25,000,000 BLT staking payout will be distributed in the span of 2 years. Rewards are paid at the end of each epoch, to all users that have tokens staked. Once distributed, rewards are circulated (which means your BLT rewards are unlocked and liquid), so they can be transferred at any time. Please note that both locked and circulated BLTs are eligible for staking, APY depending on the current staked amount each epoch.

After earning rewards from staking, BLT holders can choose to re-stake the rewarded tokens or simply turn on auto-restake; your rewards will automatically be re-staked once you receive them.

Get started: stake in 3 simple steps

Step 1. Make sure you have transferred your $BLT to Blocto

Read guide: Step by Step $BLT teleport guide

Step 2. Once you have your $BLT in your wallet, it will automatically be displayed on the staking page. Click [Stake] to stake $BLT on the Blocto node.

Step 3. If you’d like your reward to be automatically restaked, simply turn on the “Auto-restake” function and you are all set. (Note that this feature is only available for custodial mode wallet users.)

Hope this article helps you out!

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