BLT Tokenomics

The street is where life happens in its most raw, unscripted, and unexpected Blocto is an integrated, cross-blockchain smart contract wallet service, which enables users and developers to interact with their cryptocurrencies, dApps, and NFTs frictionlessly. BLT is the utility and governance token of Blocto, which serves as the foundation of our ecosystem and the interconnective link between the wallet, Blocto-made products, and our users.

Highlights & Summary
  • The Blocto token total supply is 500,000,000 BLT. The genesis token circulation is 22,500,000 BLT. All tokens will come in circulation by the end of year 4.
  • 125,000,000 BLT will be minted through user and developer mining in the span of 4 years.
  • Both users and developers are eligible to participate in the BLT staking program. The staking program will run for 2 years.
  • The 4-year Blocto token circulation chart is included below: (The accelerator fund is not included as we cannot predict when the fund will be used in collaboration with our future blockchain/dApp partners etc.)

Genesis Token Supply & Total Token Supply

We’ve allocated more resources in order to accelerate Bloctos’ early ecosystem development/growth compared to version 1.0, the specific allocation is detailed below:

Founders — 14% of total token supply

The Founders’ share remains at 14% of the total token supply, 70,000,000 BLT. In the spirit of committing to the long-term prosperity of Blocto & BLT. The vesting schedule is changed from 『Linear vesting 1/18 each month starting from month 7th to month 24th』to 『Linear vesting 1/42 each month starting from month 7th to month 48th.』

Team & Shareholders — 6% of total token supply

Team and shareholder’s allocation remains at 6% of total token supply, 30,000,000 BLT for our early-stage investors & team members. The vesting schedule: linear vesting 1/18 each month starting from month 7th to month 24th.

Private Sale — 16% of total token supply

Due to the exceeding amount of institutional investors & partners who were highly interested in Blocto and the solution it provides, we have increased our private sale amount from 12% to 16%, a total of 80,000,000 BLT.

The participation of dApp builders and partners (ex. Versus, Dark Country) will bring more resources to the Blocto ecosystem, strengthening the confidence of other dApp / blockchain partners to integrate with the Blocto ecosystem. In turn accelerating the ecosystem growth.

(Private Sale: 0.1 USD per BLT, estimated raised amount 8M)

Public Sale — 2% of total token supply

The amount of public sale is adjusted from 8% to 2%: 1.5% community sale & 0.5% public sale. Further details of the public sale will be announced at a later date.

(Public Sale: 0.4 USD per BLT, estimated raised amount: 4M USD)

Ecosystem — 16% of total token supply

In order to sustain the growth of the Blocto ecosystem and to ensure sufficient development resources, we have increased the ecosystem amount from 10% to 16%, a total of 80,000,000 BLT with 25% unlocked and 75% with 48-month linear vesting.

The ecosystem allocations are used to support community management, advisors, bounty program, exchange listings, future project development, and airdrop…etc.

Mining — 25% of total token supply

Mining reward allocation is adjusted from 48% to 25%, a total of 125,000,000 BLT to alleviate the potential inflation risk of BLT. The mining program will last for 4 years and is divided into “Developer Mining” and “User Mining” to ensure governance is distributed to all ecosystem members.

Developer Mining

Developer mining not only incentivizes more collaboration between dApp builders and the Blocto ecosystem but also eliminates the common conflict of interest between dApp builders and service providers. Blocto distributes mining rewards to developers who integrate their projects with Blocto. An annual amount of 15,625,000 BLT will be distributed within 4 years.

Developers who wish to mine have to stake 10,000 BLT to activate developer mining. (Developers can freely integrate with Blocto with or without mining activated) The Blocto Team calculates the mining reward based on “New User / Month”, “MAU w/ Tx” and “Tx / Month” generated from the integrated project. Moreover, there is a reward cap for dApp builders (maximum 115,000 BLT per month). Undistributed BLT will be burnt and be deducted from circulation permanently.

User Mining

Blocto users can also gain mining rewards if they meet conditions such as 1 BLT rewarded per 1000 equiv. USD stored in their Blocto wallet, 1 BLT per Tx… etc. In order to prevent malicious behavior, there is a reward cap per user per month. However, users can stake BLT to increase their monthly reward cap to 3 times the default. More information on mining rewards distribution is detailed below:

*The calculation of the aforementioned “Developer Mining” and “User Mining” programs are in their initial designing stage. BLT holders can issue governance voting to alter the program in order to maintain the reasonability and stability of the mining program.

Staking Payout — 5% of total token supply

Users who stake BLT can not only participate in mining, increase their monthly mining cap but also earn staking payouts. Details of the staking payout will be released at a later date.

A total amount of 25,000,000 BLT staking payout will be distributed in the span of 2 years.

Accelerator Fund — 16% of total token supply

We added the accelerator fund with the total amount of 80,000,000 BLT in the upgraded version of tokenomics and white paper. This fund will be reserved for collaborations such as new blockchain and promising dApp integration and to support the launch of new Blocto products. The fund can only be utilized by governance voting.