BlueMove: Your Gateway to the Top Aptos NFTs

Bluemove: aptos nft marketplace

Download Blocto Wallet and start exploring the popular Aptos NFT marketplace!

Expand your Aptos NFT collection via Blocto’s partnership with BlueMove—the leading multi-chain NFT marketplace on Aptos. BlueMove has integrated Blocto SDK and Blocto Wallet to make it easier for users to collect NFTs across a broad range of aesthetics and interests. With Blocto Wallet, you can do the following:

  • Onboard in less than 30 seconds with email login
  • Buy and sell all kinds of NFTs on Aptos and Sui
  • Trade NFTs and receive reward tokens in $MOVE
  • Stake $MOVE and earn extra $MOVE on top of trading rewards
  • Showcase your Aptos NFTs in your Blocto Wallet

Download now and start exploring BlueMove and the Aptoverse. Add some of the popular Aptos NFTs to your wallet—or maybe try minting some of your own! Either way, there’s a lot of fun to be had and cute digital assets to create and collect. You can also stake $MOVE tokens to earn a share of daily trading fees on BlueMove. 

Our partnership with BlueMove is just the beginning. To bring forth a more seamless Aptoverse, we plan to integrate with more Aptos projects to create a frictionless user experience.

Integrate with Blocto SDK

If you’re a dev who’s interested in unlocking app functionality with your users just like BlueMove has, do it with Blocto SDK! Check out our SDK development platform on GitHub and integrate our wallet adapter or SDK. Deliver a more seamless blockchain experience in as little as two lines of code! You can also check out our Gitbook for more guidelines.

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