ETHTaipei 2023: The Future of Ethereum and Blockchain

2023 ETHTaipei

Taipei, Taiwan — ETHTaipei, the highly anticipated Taipei Ethereum Developer Conference is set to take place at the POPOP Taipei from April 21–25, which is expected to attract over 800 participants. This five-day event will feature a three-day hackathon and a two-day conference that will focus on Ethereum, ZK, DeFi, and security topics. On the first day of the conference (April 24th), Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin will serve as the opening keynote speaker, sharing his vision and outlook for the future of blockchain and Ethereum, and engaging in Q&A through a livestream with the audience.

ETHTaipei was initiated by a group of enthusiastic developers and features some of the most prominent influencers in Taiwan’s blockchain landscape and sponsored by Gnosis Chain, imToken, Autopass, Tenderly, TKSpring, ThunderCore, and more. There will be booths on-site for developers to learn about the latest blockchain products and engage in networking.

The hackathon, which will be conducted in a fully crypto-native manner, is expected to attract top talent. It will be held in a hybrid format, allowing for online anonymous participation. The event will also feature a 24-hour Hacker House with various snacks and beverages on-site, enabling developers to team up, discuss, and work on software development, bringing their ideas to life.

Well-known teams such as Gnosis, Blocto, and Furucombo will contribute to the hackathon prize pool, with a total prize money exceeding one million New Taiwan dollars. In addition, the event will cooperate with companies like Autopass to incorporate “Innovation Proposal” hackathons, allowing more non-engineer blockchain experts to join the festivities.

The two-day conference will focus on technical topics such as ZK, DeFi, and security. It will cover a variety of topics such as derivatives, options, and other DeFi protocols, as well as Layer 2’s StarkNet and Aztec related applications and technologies. The conference will also explore the future roadmap of Ethereum protocols, MEV, and privacy protocols. At the same time, there will be topics related to zero-knowledge proofs and security audits, which are not to be missed by developers who want to learn about new technologies or future trends.

Renowned teams such as the security audit platform Code4Rena, blockchain analysis tool Tenderly, and Ethereum client Nethermind will lead eight in-depth workshops, allowing participants to become familiar with various tools and the latest ZK technology.

In addition to the hackathon and conference, there will be side events and parties hosted by various projects to celebrate with the Taiwanese community during this period. The event promises to be an exciting and vibrant gathering of developers, enthusiasts, and experts from around the world.

Get ready for an Ethereum wave to hit Taipei at the end of April!