How To Mint an NFT? Explore Popular NFT Collections on Aptos

Mint an NFT on Aptos with blocto

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have managed to become extremely popular among collectors and investors in the past few years. The phenomenon has managed to create a multi-billion dollar market and thrilled global investors about the potential of transforming digital art. For artists and creators, NFTs represent the evolution of the conventional art market. Aside from ensuring income, NFTs also come with advanced features like automatic royalty distribution, thanks to smart contracts. 

Even though NFTs have been created on multiple blockchains, Aptos has managed to grab major attention due to the unique NFT collections being launched on the platform. The blockchain’s scalability and customizability make it optimal for minting NFTs.

Popular NFT Collections on Aptos

Despite its recency, Aptos has received major interest from NFT projects. Here are some of the biggest projects that have launched on Aptos.

Rekt Dogs 

Despite the challenging bear market, Rekt Dogs has been one of the most resilient projects in the market. With 6,666 unique dogs in the collection, the project has managed to attract over 85,000 Twitter followers. The collection’s discord channel also features an impressive 50,000 members.

Aptos Monkeys 

Any NFTverse is empty without an impactful monkey collection. The Aptos Monkeys collection is focused on creating a sustainable ecosystem on the blockchain. With over 10,000 active Discord members, the collection features a passionate community.

Infected Mice 

This unique collection features 3,333 mice and offers a comprehensive roadmap. Infected Mice expects to launch an exclusive Merch Store, Raffles, and holder rewards in the near future once the mint is completed. Thanks to these features, the project has managed to gain major traction and has over 20,000 Twitter followers.

Aptos Alpha Alpacas

With over 3,333 unique alpacas, the Aptos Alpha collection offers a unique take on NFTs in the Aptos ecosystem. The collection comes with revenue sharing, community decision-making, and more. Thanks to its approach, the collection has managed to generate over 10,000 followers on its Twitter. 

Hundreds of other collections are also poised for launch on Aptos in 2022 and beyond. This traction in the ecosystem represents robust growth and community activity. A throughput rate of 100,000 transactions per second is targeted by the protocol using its new smart contract language, Move. It is only been a month since the Aptos mainnet launched, but its NFT scene is already seeing a lot of activity, with multiple marketplaces competing for trading volume across a few dozen collections.

How to Create Your Own NFT

Platforms such as Topaz and TopNFT are the most popular for creating NFTs on Aptos. Despite the recent launch of Aptos, marketplaces have been rapidly growing on the blockchain. You don’t actually need any technical knowledge of blockchain to upload your art or create a collection on either platform. Here’s how:

  1. Blocto Wallet

Setting up a software wallet is the first step in creating an NFT. You can download Blocto App or add Blocto Wallet to your Chrome browser. 

  1. Create a token for your art or other assets

You can create your own NFTs once you have a wallet. In the menu bar, click Create on your preferred Aptos NFT platform. Using the wallet, you can now connect to the NFT platform. When you’re ready, click Add New Item and give your NFT collection a name. Now that you have uploaded the file you want to tokenize, you can give it properties and statistics to set it apart from the others. Set a retail price for each item after determining how many copies you want.

  1. Create a marketplace listing

Whitelisting the NFT platform to your account will allow you to sell your first NFT. There is a gas fee associated with this because it is a blockchain transaction. All you need to do is send some APT to your wallet, and you’re all set. Creating your first NFT collection will be the only time you need to pay this fee. 

  1. All done!

Your NFTs are now available on the marketplace for anyone to find and purchase.

Even though Aptos Mainnet has launched only a few weeks ago, it is also getting support from some of the leading protocols. Companies are adopting Aptos to expand the development of the platform.

Mercury Supporting Aptos

For consumer application developers, Mercury Protocol offers a trusted, meaningful, and providerless communication layer through smart contracts. The Mercury Protocol promotes the creation of global networks of people that can use blockchain to share information free of constraints and walled gardens such as those found on Facebook, Facetime, and Allo.

Now, Mercury has been introduced on Aptos to keep smart contracts safe, secure, and seamless. Along with this, Mercury also offers Dust Messenger, which is the first step towards creating a private, digital space where trust is paramount. With Dust already on the market and a patent in the works for RAM-based ephemeral message storage, this will revolutionize the blockchain space further. 

Blocto SDK Quick Onboarding

Entering the Aptos ecosystem can be challenging without having the right supporting tools. Blocto offers a robust solution that solves the problems that come with conventional extensions. Users don’t need to download the extension and the integration can be done within 1-2 days. 

The wallet adapter further speeds up the process and completed the integration within a few hours. Integrate with Blocto and experience a robust onboarding process for your web3 journey.