Polygon Games to Try

Polygon Games to Try

Check out these top game projects bringing the heat to Polygon!

Get ready for GameFi! It’s a fun new avenue for Web3 users, native and newbie alike. Since it’s relatively new, things are constantly changing and innovating. Sounds exciting right?

Brush up on the basics with our beginner’s guide to GameFi, where we explored the fundamentals of GameFi and covered the key elements creating this new ecosystem.

When you’re clued up, start exploring the possibilities that GameFi brings with these popular Polygon gaming projects!

Benji Bananas

Benji Bananas, an action-adventure game which started on mobile, is now making waves in Web3! The Benji Bananas Membership Pass allows you to access the upcoming play-to-earn model of the popular game, enabling you to earn special tokens while playing and swapping those tokens for ApeCoin. It’s free to download on the App Store and Google Play, so go bananas now!

Planet IX

Planet IX is an NFT-based strategy game that’s also play-to-earn. Restore your fallen planet to its former glory, uncovering mysteries along the way. Join many others on a continuously expanding story and dive headfirst into an immersive sci-fi metaverse! Form territories, develop new tech, raid other players, own assets you collect in-game. The Planet IX map is made of 1.6 billion PIX — each one a collectible NFT.

Hunters On-Chain

Hunters On-Chain by BoomLand is a free-to-play action RPG game where you can compete against other players as well as the environment in different game modes. This is the Web3 version of the popular mobile game Hunt Royale, with over 7 million downloads on App Store and Google Play. With tokenization, expand your gameplay and gain so much more than just glory!


Arc8 by GAMEE is a play-to-earn platform where well-loved arcade games collide with crypto. Play the games you know best and rise to the top of the rankings to win GMEE tokens. Arc8 brings the blockchain experience to millions of gamers, making playing and earning in one fun mode.

Sunflower Land

Sunflower Land is a deserted island where you must scavenge, gather resources, farm, and grow your empire. Tend to your land, complete daily quests, and trade with other players! From the gold you mine to the sunflowers you plant, everything is an on-chain resource that is tradeable. Not to mention the rare SFTs you can craft each week — the possibilities are endless in this community.

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