Popular Crypto Bridge Services on Aptos

aptos crypto bridge services

Aptos has been one of the fastest-growing blockchains currently in the crypto-sphere. The layer 1 blockchain has managed to get traction thanks to its scalability and ease of use. Bridge services in the Aptoverse have played a major role in attracting users to the blockchain. 

Let’s explore the most popular bridge services on Aptos and how they’re adding a new dimension to this fast-growing ecosystem. But before that, let’s take a look at the key events in the recent Aptos Mainnet Launch. 

Recap of the Aptos Mainnet Launch 

The highly anticipated Aptos Mainnet launched in October after months of testing. The developed blockchain is based on the Move programming language and comes from a team including ex-Meta engineers. Prior to the launch, Aptos Labs managed to raise $150 million Series A in July 2022 to support the launch of the Aptoverse. 

Since then, the project has managed to exhibit exceptional growth. The project spiked over 32% within 24 hours in October just days after the launch. A key part of this reception has been due to the exceptional support that comes with the Aptos ecosystem. 

Aptos Bridge services have been one of those key reasons. 

What are Crypto Bridge Services?

Crypto bridge services act as a cross-chain bridge to connect two blockchains. These services allow users to send cryptocurrency across different chains. For example, if you have Ethereum but you want to send it on Aptos, you can do that through a blockchain bridge service. 

These services address one of the biggest drawbacks of conventional blockchain technology. Previously, users could not send assets across different blockchains. This is because each blockchain was bound by its restrictions. The result was high transaction costs and network congestion. 

Today, blockchain bridges address this challenge by acting as a neutral zone and facilitating a seamless switch between different blockchains. The efficient solution improves the usability of cryptocurrencies. 

Is Bridging Crypto Safe?

Even though there have been unusual events where bridges were exploited, the wide majority of Blockchain bridges are highly secure. This is because of the extensive vetting process that goes into security audits to prevent the possibility of hacks. 

Leading companies test their bridges for months before releasing them to the broader public. Furthermore, The majority of reported hacks have resulted due to attacks where administrator accounts were compromised. 

In a larger context, blockchain bridges offer a reliable solution if you choose a trusted service. Users can verify security certifications and bug bounties to ensure that their preferred services are taking the required steps to protect their assets. 

Bridging crypto is completely safe if the bridges are established across blockchains with effective security auditing. Comprehensive vetting procedures are necessary to protect against hacks and review for any potential vulnerabilities. To prevent the possibility of any security risks, bridge companies offer high Whitehat rewards that improve the stability of the system. Chains like Layerzero offer up to $17 Million for the identification of any bugs on Aptos. Similarly, other chains also establish thorough auditing procedures to prevent the likelihood of hacks and security issues. 

However, users need to understand potential risks before using blockchain bridge services. Conventionally, security risks are largely dominant in lesser-known blockchains. 

Here are some of the most trusted bridge services in the Aptos ecosystem. 

Leading Crypto Bridge Services on Aptos 


A new ecosystem requires the launch of apps, assets, and infrastructure. Along with the launch of Layerzero—the protocol—going live on Aptos, we’re also introducing The Aptos Bridge by Layerzero. With this deployment, users will be able to move USDC, USDT, and ETH into Aptos from Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, Polygon, and BNB Chain. Layerzero integration with Aptos is simple and can be done using the bridge widget

For Aptos, the bridge requires first-time users to register their assets. Users can claim their assets and then seamlessly use the bridge through a single-click experience. Layerzero is highly secure and offers an additional $2 million bug bounty for Layerzero on Aptos on top of the established $15 million bounty if users are able to identify any potential security flaws. This bounty provides significant safety reassurance to users. 

Celer Network 

Celer Network is considered to be one of the most popular protocols for interoperability. The network provides a one-click solution to access tokens, NFTs, governance, and broader solutions. Developers have utilized the protocol to develop native dApps utilizing inter-chain messaging. 

Since the launch of the Aptos Mainnet, Celer Network has supported the bridging of seven tokens on the Aptos blockchain. The tokens include back-and-forth bridging across Ethereum and BNB Chains. Popular tokens include WETH, DAI, WBTC, USDC, USDT, BNB, and BUSD.

Thanks to this development, users have been able to shift their tokens to Aptos with minimal costs.

Celer supports the Aptos ecosystem through asset bridging using the xAsset method. The network is integrating Celer’s Inter-chain Messaging Framework to facilitate dApp development. 

This progress will also establish the foundation for NFT bridges in Aptos. Users will be able to purchase NFTs from different chains thanks to the protocol.  


Wormhole provides support for generic message passing on Aptos. The bridge service also supports token transfers between all connected chains. Unlike conventional bridge services, Wormhole utilizes smart contracts to lock assets and mint new wrapped assets on the target chain. 

The service has been invaluable in providing access to established NFT markets and allowing developers to build using xChain-based solutions. Furthermore, users from other chains can be easily onboarded without requiring further smart contract development. Wormhole is an invaluable tool for Aptos projects to benefit from liquidity through EVMs and non-EVMs. 

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