Token Teleport 3-Minute Guide—$STARLY(Flow <> BSC)

blocto teleport starly

Good day Bloctopians!

Remember that we have once showed you how to teleport $BLT from Flow to Solana then to BSC? 

In this article, we’ll show you step by step to teleport your $STARLY from Flow to BSC using BloctoSwap.

Step 1 : Enable your $STARLY asset cards in the Blocto app

  • Go to the wallet page & Click the + icon at the top right corner
  • After you get to the Add Token page, add $STARLY wallet addresses by clicking the blue ‘+’ sign
  • Press the asset cards to refresh (ETA < 1 min in general conditions, depends on the chain)

Step 2 : Go to the Teleport page on BloctoSwap

Step 2 : Go to the Token Teleport page on BloctoSwap

Step 3 : Teleport your $STARLY among Flow and BSC

  • Select $STARLY Flow and $STARLY BSC pair
  • Connect to your Flow & BSC account in the Blocto wallet
  • Enter the amount & click confirm to teleport to complete your token teleport!
Token Teleport 3-Minute Guide—$STARLY (Flow <> BSC)
  • It’s done! Wait for the transaction to process!

Ta-Dah! That’s how simple to teleport with BloctoSwap!

Hope this guide helps you out!

Enjoy your Teleport journey!