The Hottest Polygon NFTs Right Now

The Hottest Polygon NFTs Right Now

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Got your eyes glued to the Polygon prize? Here’s the latest and greatest NFT collections that are making tons of buzz on Polygon!


Just like in our recent roundup of the hottest Aptos, Flow, and Polygon NFTsVoxies is still reigning supreme when it comes to Polygon NFTs. These are “cute, lovable and collectible 3D voxel buddies” — of which there are only 10k in existence. The unique NFTs are also fully integrated with turn-based RPG Voxie Tactics, where you can collect, battle, and earn rewards in the Voxiverse.

Lens Protocol

Lens Protocol, a “permissionless, non-custodial social media profile,” is touted by its devs as the last handle you’ll ever have to create. It’s a decentralized social graph that’s owned by the users. Any application can plug into these graphs; users can mint a profile, follow other profiles, and create publications — all on-chain! SocialFi is gaining a lot of traction right now, so it may be worth it to check it out and get onboard.

MCL Signed Bats & MCL Crypto Bats

MCL Signed Bat and MCL Crypto Bat NFTs are part of Meta Cricket League (or MCL), the world’s first cricket NFT game. It’s a ‘hit-to-earn’ NFT backed cricket game reinventing blockchain gaming experiences. There are 5634 MCL Signed Bat NFTs in total, each one unique and signed by a legendary cricket player. On the other hand, MCL Crypto Bats NFTs are a unique collection of Bat NFTs backed by wrapped crypto assets, with values ranging from $25–100. Together with MCL Player NFTs, users can use these assets to create teams and participate in PvP matches!

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