The Newly Revamped Blocto Token ($BLT) Has Arrived

newly revamped blocto token ($blt) has arrived

Attention Bloctopians! We have some very thrilling news for you today: Prepare to be amazed as we unveil the metamorphosis of the Blocto Token ($BLT)! Buckle up for an exhilarating journey as we delve into the realm of our token’s history, design, and branding, aimed at catapulting $BLT to new heights of recognition. 

After careful consideration regarding the color of the token logo and its visual consistency with the rest of the ecosystem, our visual team decided to make these changes. We are finally ready to unleash the revamped Blocto Token to captivate the crypto world with its eye-catching makeover and a renewed sense of purpose for the user experience.

Let’s start by introducing the brand new design of the Blocto Token. Take a look below 👇

Old $BLT logo (left), new $BLT logo (right)

Did you notice the changes we made to make the ecosystem more visually consistent? As you can see, the shell, pearl, and ocean from the original design is still intact. Fun fact: The shell in the token’s logo is an homage to the use of shell money during prehistoric bartering– the first money markets. Moving on, let’s get back to our colorful changes! 

Similar to our redesigning of the official Blocto logo, we wanted to emphasize the vivid shades of blue in the new design of the Blocto Token to clearly express the parallel growth in not only our bold visual identity from its more muted beginnings, but also our prominent growth as an organization from its humble beginnings. Take a look in the figure below to see the other shades of blue in Blocto’s primary color palette, inspired by our primary brand color (ocean blue)! We hope the vibrant new color palette distinctly signals the transition from the old Blocto Token to the new Blocto Token.

Blocto’s primary color palette

Through our revamping of the Blocto Token’s visual design, we also want to highlight its significance in the overall Blocto ecosystem, including its design. By revamping the token’s design to match the design of the Blocto ecosystem, we are aiming to create a sense of harmony and cohesiveness in the general flow, look, and feel of our ecosystem, ultimately to create the best possible Blocto experience for you– our users!

Collection of products and services in the Blocto ecosystem

The exciting news for Blocto Token ($BLT) doesn’t stop here. $BLT staking is available directly on your Blocto Wallet, so don’t forget to stake your tokens if you want to gain the most benefits from your tokens– it only takes 30 seconds and a few taps on a user-friendly interface! If you haven’t already, click here to download the Blocto Wallet today and start staking.

Like ripples formed from dropping stones into the ocean, Blocto will strive to continue making an impact in people’s lives with the solutions, tools, and connections they need to easily navigate Web3, harness its power, and start making waves. Join our community to stay connected and up-to-date with the latest Blocto news!

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