Top 3 Aptos Projects to Keep Your Eyes On

Top 3 Aptos Projects: Souffl3, PancakeSwap, and Topaz

After a long wait, the Aptos Blockchain finally made its debut in style, launching its mainnet on October 17, 2022. The genesis block was completed on October 12, with about 120 validators securing the network. An exciting tidbit about Aptos is that the project results from several ex-Meta employees who were the pioneering engineers behind the failed Meta Diem stablecoin. Aptos Labs is committed to developing products and applications on the Aptos blockchain that will redefine users’ experience in Web3.The Aptos mainnet is built on a sophisticated programming language known as Move, which allows the implementation of customizable transactions and smart contracts. Aptos’ vision is to solve what is referred to as the “trilemma” problem in the blockchain space. The trilemma problems are issues around decentralization, security, and scalability. Solving these problems will enhance the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The Blocto Ecosystem Fund

Recently, we announced a $3 million Aptos Ecosystem Fund aimed at helping new projects onboard new users. Blocto enables new users to come quickly into Web3 through features such as email login and universal gas fees. With the ecosystem fund, Blocto will help provide robust funding, technology, and human resources to the selected projects.

Introducing Souffl3, PancakeSwap, and Topaz on Aptos: What will they offer?

What is Souffl3?

Talking about Aptos and NFTs; this is where Souffl3 comes in. This Aptos project revolves around NFTs, a type of data stored on a digital ledger known as the blockchain, which can be created, minted, acquired, sold, and traded.

Souffl3 is a NextGen marketplace and  a leading innovative trading marketplace for NFTs in the Aptos ecosystem. The scope of the services Souffl3 offers includes primary and secondary markets for NFTs and NFT infra services specific for creators. Creators build Souffl3 and for creators in the Aptos ecosystem. The team comprises highly skilled Move engineers as well as market and operation teams who have had success with other ecosystems, including Solana and Ethereum.

The NFT infra services for creators on Souffl3 help simplify the creation and development of innovative NFT projects, integrations, and use cases of these projects.

The key features of the Souffl3 platform include the following:

  • A brand new user interface with an enhanced user experience
  • Ability to support multi-wallet connection and bulk purchase of NFTs
  • Price limit could be set, and it also allows floor sweep
  • Launchpad and it supports batch management of NFT collection

How will Souffl3 benefit from Blocto’s SDK?

Integrating with Blocto will significantly enhance the infra services of Souffl3 through robust technology and expertise. In addition, the pool of experts Blocto has pooled will help provide concepts and ideas that will further simplify the creation and development of innovative NFTs on Souffl3. New users will also enjoy fast and seamless onboarding into Web3.

PancakeSwap and Aptos Ecosystem

From the very beginnings of PancakeSwap, it has relied on BNB Chain for its services and distribution network. This partnership has yielded notable feats in the past. Recently, PancakeSwap announced to its large community that it would support and initiate the deployment of all its products and services and its native token, CAKE, on Aptos.

This will make Aptos the first blockchain with which PancakeSwap will fully integrate after BNB. This also means that for the first time, their native token CAKE will be a multi-chain token. Part of the considerations for PancakeSwap’s integration with Aptos includes the transaction fee problem that Aptos is solving, faster transaction speeds, and the wealth of experience under the belt of engineers at Aptos.

However, there is no holding back PancakeSwap, as it will deploy all its four main products on Aptos before the end of November 2022. The products are Exchanges, Farms, Pools, and Initial Farm Offerings (IFOs). PancakeSwap is also working on becoming the main DEX on Aptos and has made open calls for cooperation with projects in the Aptos ecosystem. In addition to this, they have set up liquidity pools within the ecosystem for APT, the native token of Aptos, and provide liquidity pools for any other project in the Aptos ecosystem.

What Benefits will Blocto offer the relationship between Aptos and PancakeSwap?

Liquidity is one of the critical solutions PancakeSwap helps to offer projects, and this is where Blocto will be most beneficial to the relationship between Aptos and PancakeSwap. In addition, PancakeSwap will also be able to access the investor base of Blocto as well as Blocto’s marketing team.

Since PancakeSwap is aiming to become the main DEX on Aptos, improved and simplified processes between developers and engineers working with PancakeSwap and those of Blocto will enhance massive results that will drive adoption and widespread use cases. Of course, users will benefit from Blocto’s shorter onboarding time and simple and accessible user experience.

Topaz and Aptos

Similar to Souffl3, Topaz is an NFT marketplace that is also dedicated to the trading of Aptos digital collectibles. With Solana’s occasional performance issues, many users have started moving their NFT projects to Aptos. Less than a week after Aptos mainnet launch, Topaz received more than $2 million in trading volume.Safety, enhanced user experience, and scalability have been significant problems in the blockchain industry, especially in Web3. Aptos, together with Topaz, are focused on solving these problems. If you’re keen on pursuing the same goals, apply for Blocto’s Ecosystem Fund and fast-track your Web3 and Aptos integration!

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