The One-Stop for Account Abstraction: Join Us in Paris

AAvolution-account abstraction event

Bienvenue to the AA Village!

Are you ready for the biggest account abstraction event in Paris?

AAvolution: Account Abstraction Village is just around the corner, and it’s set to ignite the crowds at EthCC and ETHGlobal Paris with valuable insights, discussions, and networking opportunities. This one-of-a-kind event will not only be your one-stop destination for all things related to account abstraction, but also a great opportunity to learn about the diverse group of AA projects we have brought together for the AA community.

Prepare yourself for an exciting day filled with exclusive product demos from Ambire and Blocto, a special keynote presentation from Fuse, in addition to intellectually stimulating panels exploring the future of AA wallets and uncovering the key catalysts for mass adoption with multi-chain integration, lead by captivating speakers from the Ethereum FoundationPolygon, and industry leading AA projects such as Etherspot, Stackup, zkSync, Gelato, and of course Blocto (full list of projects and speakers provided below)!

Don’t miss this opportunity to dive deep into the world of ERC-4337 and account abstraction, and connect with like-minded individuals shaping the future of AA!

Seats are filling up fast, so make sure to sign up now using the event link 👉

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Time & Location

  • Date: 20 Jul 2023
  • Time: 10:00–16:00 GMT+2 (registration starts at 10:00)
  • Venue: Grand Amphitheater at the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN)

Speaker Information

Yoav Weiss, Co-author of ERC-4337 & Security Researcher @ Ethereum Foundation

Yoav is a security researcher at the Ethereum Foundation and the co-founder of TabooKey and MobileSpaces, working as the CTO for both companies. He is well known for his work on the Ethereum Foundations’ ERC-4337 account abstraction standard.

Tom Teman, PM of ERC-4337 @ Ethereum Foundation

Tom has been a software developer for over a decade. Co-founder and CEO of Portis, the first web based Ethereum web3 provider and self-custodial wallet, which was acquired by ShapeShift in 2020. He joined the Ethereum Foundation in 2023 as PM to work on ERC-4337 (Account Abstraction).

Tony Olendo, DevRel Engineering & Dev Education Lead @ Polygon Labs

Tony is the Developer Relations Engineering and Developer Education Lead for Polygon Labs. He has over a decade experience as a software developer working for a number of companies and Web3 protocols. His passion for Ethereum education has seen him start education DAOs targeted at frontier markets, build education platforms and continue to push the boundaries of the intersection of Web3 and Developer Education.

Dennis Huisman, DevRel Engineer @ zkSync

Currently based in Switzerland, Dennie is the Developer Relations Engineer at zkSync. He is an alumni of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, former senior Python developer at Fundment, and former data team lead at TechLeap.

Hsuan Lee, Co-founder & CEO of Blocto

Hsuan has been listed as one of the 21 most influential people in Taiwan’s blockchain field, which he’s been actively developing since 2015. He has traveled the world as a crypto nomad, and as VP of Engineering, helped build into one of the top performing blockchains at the time. Hsuan continues to push for a culture of innovation and the mass adoption of blockchain with Blocto Wallet, made by portto.

Scott Chou, VP of Engineering (Client Side) @ Blocto

Scott is a seasoned mobile app and smart contract developer with extensive experience in the blockchain industry. Since joining the industry in 2018, he has successfully built cryptocurrency exchange mobile apps and decentralized multi-chain wallet apps for leading platforms. Scott has been an integral part of portto since its inception in 2019 and currently leads the development of user-facing products like Blocto Wallet, BloctoSwap, and BloctoBay.

Michael Messele, Co-founder & CEO of Etherspot

Michael is a co-founder and CEO of Etherspot. He has been actively building in the space since 2016 after coming across blockchain technology around 2012. He was part of a team that launched a non-custodial crypto wallet in 2017 and is now on a mission to improve Web3 usability through Account Abstraction with Etherspot. In his former life, he worked for Financial Institutions and Investment Banks in the City of London, providing Market Data and Market Risk solutions.

Ivo Georgiev, CEO of Ambire

Ivo is a recognized expert in web3 and crypto, with extensive experience in blockchain development. As the CEO of Ambire Wallet, he leads a team of skilled developers and designers in building innovative products for the blockchain space. Prior to founding Ambire Wallet, Ivo co-founded a media center with over 25 million users and AdEx, an ad network focused on transparency and user privacy.

John Rising, Co-founder & CEO of StackUp

John is the co-founder and CEO of Stackup, the leading ERC-4337 infrastructure provider. Stackup is the infrastructure company John wished he had in 2021 when he was building the first ERC-4337 smart conract wallet in 2021. Before founding Stackup, John managed missions at SpaceX, led rocket design at Relativity Space, and built rocket engines at Virgin Galactic.

Mark Smargon, Founder and CEO of Fuse

Mark is a distinguished figure in digital finance, notable for his entrepreneurial spirit and steadfast advocacy for blockchain payment technologies. In the last few years, Smargon has turned his focus to Fuse, a project at the center of his professional endeavors. Under his stewardship, Fuse provides individuals with a platform to become active participants in constructing the economic system of tomorrow.

Luis Schliesske, Co-founder of Gelato

Luis is a web3 OG and smart contract developer with a passion for building scalable, user-friendly solutions. Since co-founding Gelato in 2019, Luis has been a fundamental figure in building Gelato’s backend into the essential web3 infrastructure it is today. Luis enjoys the finer things in life, like good web3 UX and pistachio & tonka bean gelato!

Jeffrey Doyle, Senior Software Developer @ Flow

Jeffrey is a Senior Software Developer working on Flow Blockchain focused on Flow’s Developer Experience, previously CryptoKitties.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at AAvolution: Account Abstraction Village! Remember to register now via the event link because seats are limited and are filling up quickly!

If you’re looking for more account abstraction action after the event, you’re welcome to join this event we are co-hosting: Beyond 4337 — Paris Edition, presented by Blocto, MetaMask, 1inch, Argent, Biconomy, and more! Click here for more information.

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